The truth is finally OUT about Apollo! Phaedra can not hide this about her husband Apollo...

— Sat, Aug 15 01:50 AM

Guess Who are the Celebrity Parents of these Handsome Boys?

— Sat, Aug 15 01:45 AM

We're completely overcome with EMOTION after finding this out about Aaliyah!

— Sat, Aug 15 01:41 AM

Sorry Porsha, but your tea has been SPILLED! We wouldn't wish this on our worst enemy. — Sat, Aug 15 01:37 AM

We knew it was only a matter of time! At only 15 years old, Willow Smith announces she just...

Christopher Knowles — Sat, Aug 15 01:34 AM

Drake has some explaining to do! Jhene Aiko just spilled ALL of tea and revealed that Drake is…

— Sat, Aug 15 01:32 AM

Just 14 months after giving birth, Ciara broke the internet with news that she...

— Sat, Aug 15 01:29 AM

Such unfortunate news. We regret to report that actress Kim Fields has...

— Sat, Aug 15 01:27 AM

Ya'll heard the recent news about LisaRaye!? Oh lawd!

— Sat, Aug 15 01:23 AM

Almost 20 years after his untimely death, a BOMBSHELL emerges about the late, great Tupac!

— Sat, Aug 15 01:20 AM

Romeo's little brothers do not look like THIS anymore! Click to see how young men look today at 12 and 16 years old! — Sat, Aug 15 01:17 AM

Heartbreaking news regarding beloved R&B singer Alicia Keys...

— Sat, Aug 15 01:13 AM

Terrible Bill Cosby news. We're heartbroken to report that after a long and illustrious career, the 77-year-old has…

— Sat, Aug 15 01:10 AM

Bobbi Kristina may finally be resting in peace but the MONEY drama surrounding her death is just heating up

— Sat, Aug 15 01:05 AM

OH...EM...GEE! After Future reportedly files for custody of their son, Ciara commits the ultimate act of revenge... — Fri, Aug 14 02:01 PM

Sad News For Snoop Dogg and his 18-year-old son Cordell...

— Fri, Aug 14 01:04 PM

It's been quite a week for TD Jakes. The Bishop is making HEADLINES after what he said about Gay Marriage!

— Fri, Aug 14 12:47 PM

Custody of Scrappy & Erica's daughter has been DECIDED. The court has ruled that the 10-year-old must...

— Fri, Aug 14 12:29 PM

Dallas/Fort Worth - If you or one of your friends wants to be on 'EMPIRE,' here's your chance...

— Fri, Aug 14 12:08 PM

Chris' baby mama posted a video of Royalty dancing and it's the cutest thing EVER!

— Fri, Aug 14 11:58 AM