Draya's Boo Orlando receives HEARTBREAKING news from the doctor - The NFL star has been diagnosed with..

— Wed, Aug 26 09:45 AM

Celebs Involved with Black Lives Matter

— Tue, Aug 25 03:56 PM

Top 10 Instagrammers to Follow

— Tue, Aug 25 01:30 PM

This John Legend news makes us want to sob all day long...

— Tue, Aug 25 01:13 PM

Welcome back signs near college ask for daughters, moms to be dropped off

— Tue, Aug 25 01:02 PM

Celebrities Kids Slaying The Fashion World

— Tue, Aug 25 12:48 PM

Controversial parenting choice! Picture emerge showing Chris Brown's daughter was allowed to do W-H-A-T!?

inflexwetrust.com — Tue, Aug 25 12:37 PM

In case you didn't hear the latest FAILED stunt Steve Harvey tried to pull...

Hello Beautiful — Tue, Aug 25 12:21 PM

This tea is BOILING HOT and FRESHLY BREWED!!! Did Stevie J, Mimi & Joseline Have a MENAGE A TROIS Back in the Day!?

AJC.com — Tue, Aug 25 12:02 PM

LAWD, GIRL! In case you haven't heard the news about Tyrese and Taraji...

Paige Harris — Tue, Aug 25 11:34 AM

HIV/AIDS is no joke, y'all. We applaud Dave Chappelle after hearing this touching announcement.

Carol Scott — Tue, Aug 25 11:18 AM

We can finally break the big news! Kelly Rowland is going to be a MOM again!

lovebscott — Tue, Aug 25 10:55 AM

Gilbert Arenas Kills Rumors of Secretly Fathering Draya Michele’s Son

Paige Harris — Tue, Aug 25 10:42 AM

Ever wonder what happened to Laura Winslow?! Well, she looks NOTHING like this now!

Paige Harris — Tue, Aug 25 10:11 AM

We doubt these two wanted this to come out! Serena's friends spill ALL the tea on Drake!

IBTimes.com — Tue, Aug 25 09:38 AM

Lisa Bonet finally opens up about Bill Cosby drugging Women for Sex. You do NOT want to miss what she reveals!

— Mon, Aug 24 01:18 PM

SPILL THAT TEA, GIRL! Joseline Hernandez Clowns Nikko and Margeaux and Tells ALL their Secrets!

— Mon, Aug 24 12:57 PM

[BIG UPDATE] What a SLAP IN THE FACE! Terrence Howard's ex drops an Alimony battle BOMBSHELL on him!

TMZ — Mon, Aug 24 12:32 PM

This is getting nasty, y'all. Russell Wilson ex-wife commits the ultimate act of revenge against Russell & Ciara...

atlantadailyworld.com — Mon, Aug 24 12:11 PM

Lizard Found In Starbucks Latte, Customer Claims

— Mon, Aug 24 12:07 PM