Unwanted Attention Causes Beef Up In Security At Nicki Minaj Wax Exhibit After Lewd Photos Surface

— Thu, Aug 20 02:20 PM

It Is So Sad Any Family Has To Go Throught This Ordeal...Diane Guerrero Shares That Her Family Is

— Thu, Aug 20 01:56 PM

In case you didn't hear the CRAZY thing Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson just pulled together...

— Thu, Aug 20 01:54 PM

Woman Says She Received Vulgar Receipt From NJ Pizza Shop

— Thu, Aug 20 01:33 PM

Bobby Brown just can't get a break. After burying Bobbi Kristina 2 weeks ago, the singer now has been slapped in the FACE by…

— Thu, Aug 20 01:32 PM

ADORABLE ALERT! Meet Karlie Redd's mystery Daughter ― Do they look alike?!

The Jasmine Brand — Thu, Aug 20 01:18 PM

Police Say Man Dug Up Father's Grave To Argue With Corpse

— Thu, Aug 20 01:17 PM

John Leguizamo Has Beef WIth High School History Curriculm, Says Makes Latino Students Feel 'Invisible'

— Thu, Aug 20 01:09 PM

BIG news for Keke Palmer! She has announced that....

Madame Noire — Thu, Aug 20 01:03 PM

Rihanna has some explaining to do! Matt Barnes just spilled ALL of tea and revealed that She is…

— Thu, Aug 20 12:45 PM

Not Happy With The Government? Rate 'Em On Yelp!

— Thu, Aug 20 12:40 PM

The heart wants what it wants. Despite their estranged relationship, Mimi practically confirms that she and Stevie J are...

— Thu, Aug 20 12:21 PM

Tinibopper Riley Elle Becoming Instagram Style Star

— Thu, Aug 20 12:15 PM

Are Keyshia and Boobie BACK TOGETHER?! We almost fell out of our CHAIRS after reading this:

— Thu, Aug 20 11:54 AM

CONFIRMED: K. Michelle is officially...

thejasminebrand.com — Thu, Aug 20 11:40 AM

Rapper Remy Ma looks NOTHING like this after serving 8 years in Prison. See Remy Ma in 2015!

Madame Noire — Thu, Aug 20 11:25 AM

Did We Believe Shaun King Lied About Being Bi-Racial Too Quickly?

— Thu, Aug 20 11:24 AM

Terrible news for Mimi Faust as she goes public with a sad and HORRIBLE announcement!

— Thu, Aug 20 11:19 AM

We KNEW it was only a matter before it happened! Erica Mena receives the WONDERFUL news that she's…

— Thu, Aug 20 11:15 AM

Non-Black Teachers Have Lower Expectations For Black Students

— Thu, Aug 20 11:02 AM