London Marathoner Runs Without Tampon, Bleeds Freely

— Mon, Aug 10 12:23 PM

Synthetic pot causes users to act "totally crazy"

— Mon, Aug 10 11:44 AM

5 T-Shirt Companies Killing The Game

— Mon, Aug 10 10:11 AM

SHADE ALERT! Erica Mena goes back to her old ways and completely spills ALL the tea on...

— Thu, Aug 6 01:11 PM

This blessing is the BEST gift a woman could ever ask for: Mariah receives news that she...

singersroom — Thu, Aug 6 12:22 PM

A rep for the Smith Family confirms the separation news...

Christopher Knowles — Thu, Aug 6 11:58 AM

Due to his recent bankruptcy filing, 50 Cent has been left with no other choice but to…

TMZ — Thu, Aug 6 11:36 AM

CRIME ALERT! Busta Rhymes gets arrested at the gym for the DUMBEST thing ever!

— Thu, Aug 6 10:59 AM

Bobby Brown speaks out about his daughter's passing — what he says about Bobbi is devastating.

theinquisitor — Thu, Aug 6 10:21 AM

Jada Pinkett-Smith celebrates WONDERFUL news! What a totally unexpected surprise!

lovebscott — Thu, Aug 6 10:07 AM

Omari Hardwick Won't Stand for People Dissing his Wife on Social Media. See What She Looks Like and His response!

— Thu, Aug 6 10:04 AM

[UPDATE] Upgrade or Downgrade? Paula Patton's ex Robin Thicke shows off his new Fiancée and she's a sight to see!

— Thu, Aug 6 09:37 AM

Nothing really last forever. It looks like this may be the end of Halle and Olivier Martinez...

— Tue, Aug 4 10:54 AM

T.I. Criticizes Ciara for Allowing Russell Wilson to Hug Future's Son! — Mon, Aug 3 05:50 PM

JUST IN: Bobbi Kristina's Death Photo has been LEAKED, and what the photo depicts is SHOCKING!

TMZ — Mon, Aug 3 01:51 PM

It's always your ex who can BLOW UP your tea the hardest. Nikko is MESSY for exposing this about Mimi!

— Mon, Aug 3 01:32 PM

PREGNANCY ALERT! Lil' Wayne has a BABY on the way. You won't BELIEVE who the baby mother is!

— Mon, Aug 3 01:11 PM

Report - Dr. Dre Announces Final Album ‘Compton’ Due Out This Friday

lovebscott — Mon, Aug 3 12:51 PM

After waging war with the Khloe, Amber Rose drops a SHOCKING truth bomb: "I'm..."

— Mon, Aug 3 12:29 PM

No more baby mama drama! You'll never guess what EXTRAVAGANT gift Ne-Yo gave his ex Monyetta!

TMZ — Mon, Aug 3 12:16 PM