This explains a lot. Fizz BREAKS DOWN over an incident that happened to him in the past.

lovebscott — Fri, Aug 28 12:18 PM

We have TERRIBLE news regarding Lil' Scrappy and his 10-year-old daughter Imani

enstarz. com — Fri, Aug 28 11:53 AM

It's always the sidechick who can BLOW UP your tea the hardest. Karrine is MESSY for exposing this about Lil' Wayne!

— Fri, Aug 28 11:27 AM

We Can't Wait! Watch Morris Chestnut And Michael Ealy Fight In "The Perfect Guy" [VIDEO]

Madame Noire — Fri, Aug 28 11:11 AM

Chris Brown is SO PETTY! We CANNOT believe which Singer he ATTACKED for flirting with his ex-Karrueche! — Fri, Aug 28 10:54 AM

Plastic surgery can work WONDERS! New York from Flavor of Love literally looks NOTHING like this now...

The Jasmine Brand — Fri, Aug 28 10:37 AM

We didn't expect Draya to be like this! With her baller boyfriend injured, the BBWLA star shocked EVERYONE by…

TheUrbanDaily — Fri, Aug 28 10:12 AM

George Zimmerman Disrepects President In Tweets

— Fri, Aug 28 10:11 AM

YIKES!!! Chris Brown and baby mama Nia Guzman throw MAJOR SHADE on social media. What happened?!

— Fri, Aug 28 09:54 AM

Reporters Everyday Comments Became Her Death Sentence

— Fri, Aug 28 09:37 AM

Nothing really last forever. It looks like this may be the end of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill...

— Fri, Aug 28 09:33 AM

She's SHOWING! Kandi Burruss shows off her baby bump and it's BULGING all the way out! Click to see!

lovebscott — Fri, Aug 28 09:17 AM

IT'S HAPPENING! It took Stevie J. and Joseline 3 years but they are FINALLY…

Madame Noire — Thu, Aug 27 06:32 PM

Lawd someone stop Miley before she gets her hair snatched! Wait until you see how she completely SHADES Nicki Minaj!

lovebscott — Thu, Aug 27 06:10 PM

FIGHT ALERT! Angie Stone and her Daughter Diamond go it on live TV for the LAST thing we saw coming!

Madame Noire — Thu, Aug 27 02:49 PM

TV Judge Joe Brown has been ARRESTED! Prepare to be FLOORED when you find out why!

— Thu, Aug 27 02:16 PM

In case you didn't hear the FAILED stunt Nick Godon pulled at Bobbi Kristina's grave site...

— Thu, Aug 27 01:55 PM

They're a match made in HEAVEN! Russell Wilson and Ciara are OFFICIALLY…

Madame Noire — Thu, Aug 27 01:32 PM

Is Lucious Lyon being written OFF of Empire slowly?! We almost had a STROKE after seeing this...

lovebscott — Thu, Aug 27 01:23 PM

This is truly love personified! Diddy makes Cassie's birthday SPECIAL by giving his lady the best gift EVER!

— Thu, Aug 27 01:07 PM