Lil Scrappy's Girlfriend Bambi Has A Few Words For 'Baby Mama' Erica Dixon

— Mon, Aug 31 01:48 PM

The truth FINALLY gets exposed! Lionel Richie opens up about reportedly being Khloe's biological dad!

radaronline — Mon, Aug 31 01:12 PM

Are they actually ok!? Despite Will saying him and Jada are still together, Jada later reveals that they are REALLY...

— Mon, Aug 31 12:48 PM

Eazy-E's daughter Erin is ALL grown up! See what she looks like at 23 — She's Gorgeous

— Mon, Aug 31 12:44 PM

HORRIBLE news for Kim Fields! The FEDS are looking for the actress for doing the LAST thing she should not be doing!

— Mon, Aug 31 12:11 PM

The rumors aren't just rumors anymore! Meet Sanaa's NEW BOYFRIEND. Lawd, he is FOOOIIINNNEEE too!

— Mon, Aug 31 11:50 AM

Teacher Was Late To School 111 Times Because Of Breakfast

— Mon, Aug 31 11:31 AM

Draya cannot twist and lie her way out of this one! Someone calls the reality star OUT for claiming the wildest thing ever!

— Mon, Aug 31 11:31 AM

'Free Candy' Van Upsets Sacramento Residents

— Mon, Aug 31 11:09 AM

HUGE relationship news! For the sake and welfare of their son Julian, Robin and Paula have mutually decided to...

theinquisitor — Mon, Aug 31 11:05 AM

Mexican Man Says 19-Inch Penis Is Destroying His Life

— Mon, Aug 31 10:55 AM

You'll never guess what Janet Jackson did in honor of the anniversary of Aaliyah's Death

— Mon, Aug 31 10:50 AM

Guess Who This Specail Little Lady TURNED INTO!

— Mon, Aug 31 10:30 AM

BEEF ALERT!? Nene and Kandi definitely are NOT friends after Nene pulls the ULTIMATE disrespectful move!

— Mon, Aug 31 10:21 AM

PREGNANCY ALERT! Ne-Yo secretly got MARRIED AND has a BABY on the way. You won't BELIEVE who the lucky woman is!

Madame Noire — Mon, Aug 31 10:12 AM

On N-Word Scandal: I Wanted to Kill Myself

— Mon, Aug 31 10:10 AM

Someone PLEASE tell us he's kidding. Kanye West SHOCKS the media by announcing that he's going to...

— Mon, Aug 31 09:57 AM

California Man's Rattlesnake Selfie Goes Predictably Wrong

— Mon, Aug 31 09:43 AM

Feud alert! Nicki Minaj CURSES OUT Miley Cyrus and totally DRAGS her. Just wait until you find out why... — Mon, Aug 31 09:36 AM

Tan Mom Topless on the Beach

— Mon, Aug 31 09:34 AM