Hulk Hogan Says Racism Was Part of His 'Daily Environment' Growing Up: 'You Greeted Your Friends with the N-Word'

— Wed, Sep 2 06:04 PM

Reports: 20-year-old man accused of raping, impregnating 10-year-old girl

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Check out Kermit's New Girlfriend

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RELATIONSHIP SHOCKER! Scandalous PROOF emerges that suggests Kim has been CHEATING on Kanye!?

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Fox News Anchor Sues Over Toy Hamster

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Did Kim K. used to have RELATIONS with Beyoncé's husband Jay Z!? Chile this tea right quite good!

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VMA's the Expected and Unexpected

— Wed, Sep 2 01:09 PM

Tyrese's daughter Shayla doesn't look ANYTHING like THIS anymore! See Her Now!

necolebitchie — Wed, Sep 2 12:47 PM

Bill Cosby receives HEARTBREAKING news from the doctor ― The actor reportedly has...

— Wed, Sep 2 12:28 PM

Cynthia Bailey officially dives off the deep end. Watch her a$$ get FIRED after pulling this stunt...

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Isn't he too old to be acting like this!? Master P pulls the most IMMATURE act ever on his estranged wife Sonya by… — Wed, Sep 2 12:01 PM

We KNEW it was only a matter before it happened! Tamar Braxton receives the WONDERFUL news that she's…

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EX ALERT! Monyetta Shaw reacts to Ne-Yo's Engagement and you do NOT want to miss what she had to say!

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Ciara and her new boyfriend Russell may be drunk in love, but this is NOT the wedding shocker we were expecting! — Wed, Sep 2 11:13 AM

Bambi pulls no punches and calls Erica a flat out LIAR! This entire time Erica has been lying about WHAT? — Wed, Sep 2 10:56 AM

See the first photos of Tamera Mowry's newborn daughter Ariah. So PRECIOUS! — Wed, Sep 2 10:38 AM

Missy Piggy is going to be SICK after seeing this! Kermit had a date with ANOTHER muppet and it's none other than...

lovebscott — Wed, Sep 2 10:11 AM

Nothing really last forever. It looks like this may be the end of Bill and Camille Cosby...

— Wed, Sep 2 09:55 AM

Is Porsha trying to put Cynthia in JAIL after their huge RHoA fight!? The reality star has reportedly decided to… — Wed, Sep 2 09:33 AM

This is the LAST thing we'd expect to see happen! Idris Elba's advances were turned down by W-H-O?!?

Madame Noire — Tue, Sep 1 05:56 PM