No husband and wife should EVER have to go through this! Stevie J goes public and acknowledges some DEVASTATING news!

enstarz. com — Mon, Sep 21 12:26 PM

We had no idea Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill did THIS together! Talk about baring it ALL!

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Man's Meth Lab Joke Gets Him Banned From Disneyland WOW

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Fantasia's daughter Zion doesn't look ANYTHING like THIS anymore! See Her Now!

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This is a parent's worst NIGHTMARE. Chris Brown makes a HEARTBREAKING announcement about his daughter Royalty... — Mon, Sep 21 11:35 AM

Disgusting Things People Actually Do On Planes (SEE PHOTOS)

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FIGHT ALERT! Chris Brown is threatening to put hands on Drake after he did THIS...

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Kylie is going to be PISSED when she sees this! Tyga’s alleged trans mistress has just revealed ALL...

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Drunk Cowboy Avoids DWI By Hitching Ride With Horse

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Tamar Braxton finally shows how she looks WITHOUT any make up! Your jaw might just DROP after you see this!

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Wow! Nelly fuuuurrrttaaado has gotten thick! See what she looks like now

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What do YOU think a doctor might pull out of someone? You Wouldn't Believe Her Answer....

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T.I. makes a SHOCKING announcement! In spite of their strained relationship, the rapper has decided to... 

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Who Broke? NOT 50 Cent... See His New African Villa

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Bambi ATTACKS Erica for keeping her daughter away from Lil' Scrappy! You HAVE to see this:

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Someone PLEASE tell us he's kidding. Rapper Kanye West SHOCKS the media by announcing that he's going to...

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Y'all heard what happened between Kerry and Taraji while they was tryna film?! What had HAPPENED was… — Mon, Sep 21 09:52 AM

FULL VIDEO!!! "Today I got time Cuz" Gangster Kid

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SCANDAL ALERT! Lil' Wayne made a sex tape with...HER?! We must be living in the Twilight Zone… — Mon, Sep 21 09:36 AM

We're completely swept with emotion after hearing this news! A year after that horrific accident, Tracy Morgan has been spotted… — Mon, Sep 21 09:26 AM