Heartbreaking news regarding beloved comedian Bill Cosby...

lovebscott — Tue, Sep 29 12:48 PM

CONFIRMED: Nicki Minaj is officially...

inflexwetrust.com — Tue, Sep 29 12:32 PM

These Subway Users Are Not OK (Photos)

— Tue, Sep 29 12:25 PM

Sorry Beyoncé but your tea has officially been SPILLED! The singer can't hide the fact anymore that she is…

Madame Noire — Tue, Sep 29 12:02 PM

Chris must have thrown a CHAIR when he found out about this! His ex Karrueche is ready to show the world her…

— Tue, Sep 29 11:59 AM

No no no nonononono!!! Boiled Mouse and Peanuts Found in Your Local Mini Mart

— Tue, Sep 29 11:59 AM

Phaedra is FINALLY moving on from Apollo and she goes on a date with the LAST person you'd expect!

— Tue, Sep 29 11:45 AM

Talk about being pissed off! Florida Man Accused Of Tossing 'Deadly Urine' At the WRONG ONE

— Tue, Sep 29 11:42 AM

OMG! Jim Carrey's Experience with Suicide - Rest in Peace

— Tue, Sep 29 11:24 AM

Bow Wow makes a life-changing decision. For the sake and welfare of his daughter, the actor has decided to give up his..

enstarz. com — Tue, Sep 29 11:19 AM

They're a match made in HEAVEN! Tyrese and Taraji are OFFICIALLY…

theybf.com — Tue, Sep 29 11:04 AM

Guy Mistakes Plane Exit for Restroom Door...... What Happened Next Left Everyone...........

— Tue, Sep 29 11:00 AM

Innocent Dog Becomes Homless After 26 lbs of Weed Crushed His Home.........

— Tue, Sep 29 10:46 AM

Terrible News for Pastor/Rapper Ma$e as he just received HORRIBLE news from the Feds!

The Jasmine Brand — Tue, Sep 29 10:42 AM

"Just like Jesus" Kim & Kanye's 'Baby Yeezus' Will Be Born..................

— Tue, Sep 29 10:33 AM

It's been Six Weeks since he buried Bobbi Kristina and what Bobby Brown reveals will break your heart... 

— Tue, Sep 29 10:28 AM

What a fall from grace SMH. Despite having #1 Albums and Movies, it's sad to see that DMX is now working at…

TMZ — Tue, Sep 29 10:17 AM

You Wouldn't Believe These CRAZY things found by Airport Security.... MUST SEE

— Tue, Sep 29 10:16 AM

Well this is unexpected. Two weeks after his initial Ruling, the Judge has reconsidered who gets custody of Chris Brown's daughter. [FULL DETAILS]

The Jasmine Brand — Tue, Sep 29 10:08 AM

Oh my WORD! Kim Kardashian has waited until the 6th month mark to make a HUGE announcement about her pregnancy!

IBTimes.com — Tue, Sep 29 09:51 AM