Mother of a Transgender Teen Did the Unthinkable To Daughter......

— Wed, Sep 30 11:20 AM

Welp there goes their 24-year friendship! T-Boz just said the most HEINOUS thing about Chili...

— Wed, Sep 30 11:15 AM

Talented Multitasker Pleads Guilty to Cooking Meth in Trunk While...............

— Wed, Sep 30 11:00 AM

Dwyane Wade makes a SHOCKING confession about his marriage to Gabrielle Union ! He finally ADMITS that...

enstarz. com — Wed, Sep 30 10:52 AM

Welp, it turns out all the speculation is true! Empire's Jussie Smollett is...

— Wed, Sep 30 10:42 AM

Tamera Mowry makes an EMOTIONAL announcement about her daughter Ariah! We're still wiping the tears from our eyes! — Wed, Sep 30 10:37 AM

She should have done this YEARS ago. Cynthia suddenly announces that she and Peter have decided to…

— Wed, Sep 30 10:25 AM

HUGE NEWS for Will & Jada's daughter Willow! It looks like she's starting YOUNG and having one on the way! — Wed, Sep 30 10:08 AM

What a DIFFERENCE makeup makes! Tyra Banks goes au naturel and looks virtually unrecognizable! — Wed, Sep 30 09:57 AM

SHE'S PREGNANT! Omarion confirms Apryl is 5 Months Pregnant! Click to see her growing baby bump!

enstarz. com — Wed, Sep 30 09:38 AM

Someone Created An Instagram Dedicated To Miserable Men And It’s Hilarious (Photos)

— Tue, Sep 29 01:32 PM

SHADE ALERT! Wendy Williams fires a big shot at Erica about her failed engagement with Bow Wow and Erica claps back HARD! — Tue, Sep 29 01:23 PM

SHOCKING! The Game is in BIG TROUBLE with Police for allegedly threatening to BEAT UP the LAST person you'd ever expect...

— Tue, Sep 29 01:05 PM

It’s Like a Scene Out of Walking Dead..... Dead Teen Buried, Screams!

— Tue, Sep 29 01:04 PM

Heartbreaking news regarding beloved comedian Bill Cosby...

lovebscott — Tue, Sep 29 12:48 PM

CONFIRMED: Nicki Minaj is officially... — Tue, Sep 29 12:32 PM

These Subway Users Are Not OK (Photos)

— Tue, Sep 29 12:25 PM

Sorry Beyoncé but your tea has officially been SPILLED! The singer can't hide the fact anymore that she is…

Madame Noire — Tue, Sep 29 12:02 PM

Chris must have thrown a CHAIR when he found out about this! His ex Karrueche is ready to show the world her…

— Tue, Sep 29 11:59 AM

No no no nonononono!!! Boiled Mouse and Peanuts Found in Your Local Mini Mart

— Tue, Sep 29 11:59 AM