SEX TAPE ALERT! Nikki Mudarris and Mally Mall have had their sex tape leaked and you won't believe who might be the culprit!

— Fri, Oct 2 09:32 AM

The word is OUT about Diana Ross! We're SHOCKED we can confirm that at age 71, she is...

— Thu, Oct 1 04:37 PM

Chris Brown's fate has been decided. For allegedly assaulting a girl on his tour bus, the singer will have to… — Thu, Oct 1 04:10 PM

Dad Strangles Teen in "Honor Killing" ...... What the heck?

— Thu, Oct 1 03:12 PM

Harvard has taken a liking to Rapper Nas... He's been granted the same Havard award as OPRAH

— Thu, Oct 1 02:57 PM

Better Get That Order Right! McDonald's drive-thru worker pulled out of service by her........

— Thu, Oct 1 02:16 PM

California Man Risks Life and Limb to Save Family and Ribs From Apartment Fire: VIDEO

— Thu, Oct 1 01:53 PM

He Was In A Coma For 12 Years… What He Said When He Woke Up Will Give You The Chills!

— Thu, Oct 1 01:36 PM

Compton Comes Out Guns Blazin’ Over The LA Blood Moon

— Thu, Oct 1 01:11 PM

Mother Throws Newborn Out The Window..... But was this her only option?

— Thu, Oct 1 12:49 PM

Jay Z has a young SON!? Yes he does and the young man is a splitting image of his father! Click to see Jay Z's "mini me son"!

radaronline — Thu, Oct 1 12:48 PM

SHOCKING news out of Atlanta today regarding RHoA star Porsha Williams. What a crying shame.

enstarz. com — Thu, Oct 1 12:32 PM

Grandparents Get High & Listen To Trap Music For The 1st Time [VIDEO]

— Thu, Oct 1 12:32 PM

Actress Sanaa Lathan Posed Topless In Magazine Shoot AND She Looks Great

— Thu, Oct 1 12:11 PM

We thought we'd NEVER see this happen! Diddy's GF Cassie got caught on camera MAKING OUT with W-H-O?!?

— Thu, Oct 1 12:10 PM

Cookie is FED UP! Taraji is reportedly so MAD she might just leave Empire FOR GOOD!

— Thu, Oct 1 11:53 AM

After Footage Is Released Showing the Brutal Attack of an 82-Year-Old Grandpa, Suspect Pleads (SEE VIDEO)

— Thu, Oct 1 11:50 AM

Prisoner Cuts Off (You Know What) And Has The Nerve To Get Rid Of It.... OMG

— Thu, Oct 1 11:27 AM

Did he officially come out of the closet? If you haven't seen it, Maxwell just made a suspicious Instagram post! Click to see:

— Thu, Oct 1 11:18 AM

Mile High Club IS REAL!! Flight Attentdant Made Almost $1 Million by Charging For This....

— Thu, Oct 1 11:05 AM