"Just like Jesus" Kim & Kanye's 'Baby Yeezus' Will Be Born..................

— Tue, Sep 29 10:33 AM

It's been Six Weeks since he buried Bobbi Kristina and what Bobby Brown reveals will break your heart... 

— Tue, Sep 29 10:28 AM

What a fall from grace SMH. Despite having #1 Albums and Movies, it's sad to see that DMX is now working at…

TMZ — Tue, Sep 29 10:17 AM

You Wouldn't Believe These CRAZY things found by Airport Security.... MUST SEE

— Tue, Sep 29 10:16 AM

Well this is unexpected. Two weeks after his initial Ruling, the Judge has reconsidered who gets custody of Chris Brown's daughter. [FULL DETAILS]

The Jasmine Brand — Tue, Sep 29 10:08 AM

Oh my WORD! Kim Kardashian has waited until the 6th month mark to make a HUGE announcement about her pregnancy!

IBTimes.com — Tue, Sep 29 09:51 AM

Coco May Have the Smallest Baby Bump We've Ever Seen 7 Months Into Her Pregnancy—Take a Look!

— Mon, Sep 28 02:23 PM

Has Phaedra finally seen the light and LEAVING Apollo for good!? She confirms that...

enstarz. com — Mon, Sep 28 01:49 PM

Have you Seen the Superfreak Rick James Bandits?

— Mon, Sep 28 01:41 PM

Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge, Mexico’s New Trend Involves Snorting Coke.......

— Mon, Sep 28 01:24 PM

Not trying to be Messy... but does Usher's new stepson look like he could be his Brother???

— Mon, Sep 28 01:21 PM

Y'all see this in the news about Diddy and Lil' Kim?! Good gawd all mighty!

— Mon, Sep 28 01:08 PM

SHOCKING news out of Atlanta today regarding T-Boz & Chili of TLC. What a crying shame.

The Jasmine Brand — Mon, Sep 28 12:48 PM

Detroit Man Almost Blows Up Gas Station Trying to Kill ......

— Mon, Sep 28 12:40 PM

FREAK or PERVERT ALERT?!? August Alsina has a little TOO MUCH fun on stage with a Fan! [WATCH]

— Mon, Sep 28 12:26 PM

Riding A Sea Turtle Lead to Horrible Consequence for Florida Woman

— Mon, Sep 28 12:10 PM

This is SO PETTY, y'all. Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband commits the ultimate act of revenge against her…

Hello Beautiful — Mon, Sep 28 12:05 PM

It's official! After years of speculation, Tevin Campbell finally comes out and admits that...

Darianna Jones — Mon, Sep 28 11:58 AM

HIV/AIDS is no joke, y'all. We applaud President Obama after hearing this touching announcement.

— Mon, Sep 28 11:49 AM

Chris Brown reportedly has a new GIRLFRIEND in his life -- You won't BELIEVE who he replaced Karrueche with!

mstarz.com — Mon, Sep 28 11:40 AM