OMG! Janet Jackson and her billionaire husband go out in public TOGETHER and you won't believe how they looked! — Wed, Oct 7 12:16 PM

Talk about riding the fence. Nicki admits she didn't like taking sides in the Drake/Meek fight because of W-H-A-T!?

— Wed, Oct 7 11:58 AM

Really? Most Inappropriate Costumes Of All-time!

— Wed, Oct 7 11:51 AM

OMG! We can't believe Nelly got RECORDED doing this in Dallas!

TMZ — Wed, Oct 7 11:35 AM

Burger King is a rainbow of surprises these days. You might be done with the burger after seeing what it's doing.

— Wed, Oct 7 11:26 AM

A TRUTH BOMB just got dropped about the Kardashians! "They are all..."

— Wed, Oct 7 11:20 AM

WTH? Siblings Killed Their Parents, Sexually Violated The Bodies and Then Ate Their Flesh...But There's More....

— Wed, Oct 7 11:08 AM

Heartbreaking news regarding beloved actress Sanaa Lathan...

— Wed, Oct 7 10:55 AM

What's The Most impressive Thing You’ve Ever Done? Woman Puts "Famous Athlete" Out There! (Video)

— Wed, Oct 7 10:51 AM

After saying some AWFUL remarks to Shaunie last week, Brandi does the LAST thing we'd thought would happen! — Wed, Oct 7 10:41 AM

TBoneTheOriginal Explains How Painful It Is To NOT have a Big Derriere

— Wed, Oct 7 10:27 AM

Terrible Bill Cosby news. We're heartbroken to report that after a long and illustrious career, the 77-year-old has… — Wed, Oct 7 10:25 AM

Jay Z and Beyoncé receive news of a WONDERFUL blessing! Congratulations!

TMZ — Wed, Oct 7 10:10 AM

REALLY SIR...SMH?!? So This Is How Rick Ross Proposed To His Fiancée Lira Galore...

— Wed, Oct 7 09:55 AM

We SAW this coming! Stevie Wonder's ex-wife makes out like a bandit in divorce settlement. Prepare to be FLABBERGASTED!

— Wed, Oct 7 09:42 AM

*GASP* The whispers about Empire's Bryshere Gray are 100% TRUE!

Monya Fleming — Wed, Oct 7 09:31 AM

Black Boy Suspended from School for Staring at a White Girl—During a Staring Contest

— Tue, Oct 6 02:09 PM

This goes way beyond the munchies. Man Found Lying in Doritos, Goldfish And Chips Ahoy

— Tue, Oct 6 01:39 PM

It has taken him 9 months after Bobbi's fatal accident but Nick Gordon finally admits his truth... — Tue, Oct 6 01:05 PM

Chilli’s son Tron is ALL grown up! See what he looks like at 18 -- You won't believe your eyes!

Justin Hall — Tue, Oct 6 12:39 PM