BOYFRIEND ALERT! Sanaa Lathan FINALLY shows the world who her significant other is — prepare to be SHOCKED!

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It shouldn't have come to this. Christina Milian & Lil' Wayne have gone past the point of no return and... — Tue, Sep 15 09:32 AM

10 Celebrity Women That Date Outside Their Race.... What? I didn't know she was down with the swirl.

— Mon, Sep 14 02:08 PM

This is a parent's worst NIGHTMARE. Wendy Williams makes a HEARTBREAKING announcement about her son: "My child has been..."

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SHE'S PREGNANT! Joseline is absolutely GLOWING showing off her growing baby bump! Click to see it!

— Mon, Sep 14 12:36 PM

‘Heroin Overdose’ Reads Teens Obituary

— Mon, Sep 14 12:27 PM

CONFIRMED: Queen Latifah drops a BABY BOMBSHELL!

— Mon, Sep 14 12:24 PM

Sorry Erica Dixon but ALL your tea has been spilled! This time you won't BELIEVE who called her out!

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Hair transformation alert! Amber Rose looks unrecognizable in with new BLACK long hair! *CLICK* to see:

lovebscott — Mon, Sep 14 12:01 PM

DUMB ALERT!!! Florida Man Texts Narcotics Cop for "The Hook Up" (SEE TEXT MESSAGES)

— Mon, Sep 14 11:50 AM

This tea is BOILING HOT and FRESHLY BREWED!!! Did T.I., Tiny Have a MENAGE A TROIS Back in the Day with YOU-KNOW-WHO!?

— Mon, Sep 14 11:31 AM

Chris Brown just can't get a break. After winning a LONG custody trial, the singer now has been slapped in the FACE by…

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Cliff Hanging Home Doesn't Stop The Relaxation

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#FLAWLESS - Keke Palmer Gets All Grown And Sexy For ‘Maxim’ [PHOTOS] — Mon, Sep 14 11:03 AM

10 Shocking Celebrity Weight Changes ...WOW! (PHOTOS)

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Beyoncé's nephew Julez doesn't look like this anymore! See how much he's grown now at the age of 11!

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SHOCKING: R. Kelly facing up to 2 years in jail ― What did he do?!

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Eazy-E’s Son, Lil' Eazy, Turns 30: What Does He Look Like Now? Click To See!

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We literally burst into TEARS after reading this! Chris Brown makes an EMOTIONAL announcement about Royalty!

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BABY DADDY SHOCKER! Tamika Fuller drops a custody battle BOMBSHELL on Ludacris!

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