Karma Collects? After being accused of being responsible for Bobbi Kristina's death, Nick has finally been…

IBTimes.com — Sat, Oct 3 03:04 PM

EMPIRE FANS: Due to an unforeseen change in ratings, we're SPEECHLESS to report…

— Sat, Oct 3 02:50 PM

President Obama makes an EMOTIONAL announcement about his daughters Malia & Sasha! We're still wiping the tears from our eyes!

Carol Scott — Sat, Oct 3 02:40 PM

MAJOR NEWS! The King of the South has a new addition coming to his KINGDOM!

— Sat, Oct 3 02:27 PM

New couple alert?! Future reportedly has a new GIRLFRIEND in his life -- You won't BELIEVE who he replaced Ciara with!

hollywoodlife.com — Sat, Oct 3 02:14 PM

Chanel Iman has Something Bugging Her LITERLLY! (See Photos)

— Fri, Oct 2 02:37 PM

Vegan Protesters Chew Ears Off Steakhouse Customers...."Why is there no dog meat?"

— Fri, Oct 2 01:10 PM

Remember R&B singer Mya from the late 90's? Well she looks NOTHING like this today! Click to see!

The Jasmine Brand — Fri, Oct 2 12:52 PM

Someone Kissed the Baby on Her Lips and Gave Her an Incurable Virus....

— Fri, Oct 2 12:47 PM

What Robert Kardashian Sr. found OJ Simpson doing in his daughter Kim Kardashian's room back in 1994 will seriously disturb you.

newsmax — Fri, Oct 2 12:39 PM

She Was Called “The Ugliest Girl EVER,” But See How She Looks Now!

— Fri, Oct 2 12:25 PM

Chris Brown reacts to Karrueche's new relationship. He sure had a few choice words to get off his chest...

IBTimes.com — Fri, Oct 2 12:19 PM

"The Godfather" Gotti's Grandson Ranked in Millions for his Special Day..... Must Be Nice

— Fri, Oct 2 12:04 PM

Empire's Grace Gealey (aka Boo Boo Kitty) finally shows off her engagement ring from Trai Byers — and it's GIGANTIC!

theybf.com — Fri, Oct 2 12:03 PM

Has Cynthia Bailey finally seen the light and will LEAVE Peter Thomas for good!? She confirms that...

— Fri, Oct 2 11:47 AM

Shonda Rhimes' SHOCKING weight loss transformation ― Click to see how SLIM the 'Scandal' creator is lookin' nowadays!

Hello Beautiful — Fri, Oct 2 11:31 AM

MORE Bad News For Bill Cosby - Criminal Charges has arrised...... It's All Bad

— Fri, Oct 2 11:31 AM

Jail Officers FIRED for Bribing Inmates to do this heinous act......

— Fri, Oct 2 11:23 AM

SPILL THAT TEA, GIRL! Ex-Destiny's Child member makes headlines after what she revealed about Beyoncé, Kelly & Michelle!

lovebscott — Fri, Oct 2 11:15 AM

She Did WHAT? Woman Blinds Herself With Drain Cleaner Because of Her Body.

— Fri, Oct 2 11:00 AM