Finally the Answer To Damaged Hair Caused By Weaves.....

— Fri, Sep 25 12:28 PM

Such unfortunate news. We regret to report that Bill Cosby has...

— Fri, Sep 25 12:10 PM

Khloe Kardashian Is On The Path To Become Obnoxious...SEE PHOTO

— Fri, Sep 25 12:01 PM

It's official: Sanaa Lathan and French Montana have taken their love public — and the photos are CRAZY! 

— Fri, Sep 25 11:59 AM

MIND-BLOWING! Twenty years after Eazy-E's untimely death, we're STUNNED to witness this revelation: 

— Fri, Sep 25 11:45 AM

50 Cent Dumped because of KKK.......

— Fri, Sep 25 11:41 AM

After only 5 months of dating, we are THRILLED to learn Ciara & Russell Wilson are reportedly...

— Fri, Sep 25 11:22 AM

Drake speaks for the first time since the battle with Meek Mill And what happened during his interview will leave you speechless.

— Fri, Sep 25 11:19 AM

"Little Amigo" For Sell......

— Fri, Sep 25 11:18 AM

Columbus Short's fate has been DECIDED! For knocking out a guy in a restaurant, the judge has sentenced the actor to…

— Fri, Sep 25 11:09 AM

Kylie Jenner Gives Friend An Immoral Gift..

— Fri, Sep 25 11:05 AM

Wait a minute! Monica Talks About Her Fallout with Ciara

— Fri, Sep 25 10:48 AM

Blind & Bullied Gets Instant Karma….(VIDEO)

— Fri, Sep 25 10:46 AM

HORRIBLE news for Yung Joc! The FEDS are looking for Reality Star for doing the LAST thing he should not be doing!

Paige Harris — Fri, Sep 25 10:45 AM

Vivica Fox Confirms Whether Or Not She has Made Up With With ‘Toxic Trick’ Kenya Moore

enstarz. com — Fri, Sep 25 10:36 AM

Evan Ross & Ashlee Simpson Debut Baby Girl, Jagger Snow

— Fri, Sep 25 10:21 AM

The Science behind Resting B*tch Face (Video)

— Fri, Sep 25 10:16 AM

Please keep Kim Zolciak in your thoughts and prayers. The Bravo star suffered a mini stroke during DWTS reheresal and it looks as scary as it sounds.

— Fri, Sep 25 10:08 AM

Happy Halloween: 360 Pounds of Cocaine Could Be Found.......

— Fri, Sep 25 09:54 AM

SCANDAL ALERT! Jennifer Lopez's sex tape have been LEAKED, and what it shows is SHOCKING!

— Fri, Sep 25 09:50 AM