COUPLE ALERT! Rick Ross is dating WHO?! -- Wait until you see who she is! — Tue, Sep 8 12:24 PM

We're absolutely DEVASTATED by this Tisha Campbell news!

Madame Noire — Tue, Sep 8 12:06 PM

Heartbreaking news regarding Phaedra Parks' sons Dylan and Ayden...

radaronline — Tue, Sep 8 11:45 AM

FIGHT ALERT! Chris Brown and The Game go it on instagram for the LAST thing we saw coming!

— Tue, Sep 8 11:32 AM

Sam Smith as James Bond .. It's OFFICIALLY Not What You Think

— Tue, Sep 8 11:24 AM

Did Kim K. just accidentally spill the TEA on Serena?! Good Lordt ― it looks like our girl Serena is DEFINITELY...

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His Life Was Way Too Short - LIterally!

— Tue, Sep 8 10:59 AM

TERRIBLE news for Chris Brown! He's been blindsided and been left hung out to dry!

— Tue, Sep 8 10:47 AM

What's the Price For Your Life

— Tue, Sep 8 10:40 AM

Ray J can never act his age SMH. Princess catches the singer surrounded by A LOT of strippers — you'll CHOKE when you see what Princess does!

— Tue, Sep 8 10:29 AM

The Year of Mercy for 1.2 BILLION Members

— Tue, Sep 8 10:26 AM

She's SHOWING! CoCo shows off her baby bump and it's BULGING all the way out! Click to see!

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All good things must come to an end. Cynthia Bailey reacts to the bittersweet news. — Tue, Sep 8 10:00 AM

Are you HERE for this? Check out the cast of 'Straight Outta Compton 2' [PHOTOS] — Tue, Sep 8 09:55 AM

So much for bowing out gracefully. Looks Like Meek Mill is still PISSED at Drake. Check this out...

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Inside King's OVER THE TOP 11th birthday party ― T.I. & Tiny surprised their son with W-H-A-T?! — Mon, Sep 7 01:23 PM

Another day, another NASTY FIGHT! A week after dissing Miley Cyrus on stage, Nicki *GETS INTO IT* with THIS TV star: — Mon, Sep 7 12:55 PM

Phaedra the ACTRESS!? Is the Housewife FAKING being a good girl on TV to hide her SKELETONS in the closet!?

enstarz. com — Mon, Sep 7 12:41 PM

It may not be for us but Nicki's ex is going thru with it. Safaree has decided the only way to deal with his separation with Nicki is to.. — Mon, Sep 7 12:12 PM

OH NO! We just heard a TERRIBLE rumor about K. Michelle! We hope this isn't true:

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