Parents Force Teen to Live in the Woods For Eating Pop-Tart

— Wed, Oct 14 12:36 PM

Talk about an UNEXPECTED reunion! Mimi invites Stevie J out and the reason why will leave you SPEECHLESS! — Wed, Oct 14 12:29 PM

It may not be for us but Toya is going thru with it. Toya has decided the only way to deal with her separation with Memphitz is to.. — Wed, Oct 14 12:05 PM

Hilarious Hoverboard Fails: Watch These People Eat Dirt .. Literally!!

— Wed, Oct 14 12:02 PM

Don't Laugh!!! “Over-Jealous” Cat Chokes Owner’s Boyfriend to Death

— Wed, Oct 14 11:36 AM

Tiny breaks her silence on T.I. claiming Women are too emotional to be President — We're a bit taken aback by what she has to say!

TMZ — Wed, Oct 14 11:35 AM

Horrifying new details about the way Lamar Odom was found have emerged. This is so tragic!

TMZ — Wed, Oct 14 11:26 AM

Video Shows Deputies Tasing A Man Who's Already Restrained (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

— Wed, Oct 14 11:11 AM

No weave, no problem! Taraji takes out her extensions and reveals her REAL HAIR. You won't BELIEVE what it looks like!

— Wed, Oct 14 11:09 AM

It's about to go DOWN, y'all! Wendy Williams comes for Beyoncé and makes a CRAZY accusation about her! — Wed, Oct 14 10:55 AM

"YOLO" Could Be the Next Name Of The BIG Winter Storm....DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?

— Wed, Oct 14 10:45 AM

Better not get caught slippin ...Woman Uses Skype Sex Footage to Blackmail More Than A Cheating Husband...

— Wed, Oct 14 10:27 AM

HORRIBLE news for Trey Songz! The FEDS are looking for the singer for doing the LAST thing he should not be doing!

The Jasmine Brand — Wed, Oct 14 10:15 AM

Oh My........Tracy Morgan Is Ready to "Get Everyone Pregnant"

— Wed, Oct 14 10:03 AM

Did Mathew Knowles just accidentally spill the beans on Beyoncé?! Good Lordt ― it looks like our girl Bey is DEFINITELY...

— Wed, Oct 14 10:02 AM

Lamar Odom Fighting for His Life ... Found Unconscious at Nevada Brothel

— Tue, Oct 13 08:31 PM

Listen to Man's call to 911 after getting 'too high' & when he’s found surrounded by his remedy

— Tue, Oct 13 02:18 PM

Here's a reason not to hug your relatives...Woman sues nephew, says his "forceful" birthday greeting

— Tue, Oct 13 01:51 PM

T.I. won’t vote for Hillary because women ‘make rash decisions emotionally’ (See Video)

— Tue, Oct 13 01:34 PM

Spokesperson for Abstinence Bristol Palin has a HUGE announcement regarding her Unwed Pregnancy

— Tue, Oct 13 01:12 PM