6 church members arrested after teen dies from beating..... BUT WHY?

— Thu, Oct 15 11:14 AM

Sucks to be fired! Claudia Jordan SLAMS Rickey Smiley and makes SHOCKING allegation about him!

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Phaedra finally reveals the truth about her friendship with NeNe and you'll be SHOCKED by what she admit! [VIDEO]

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Drunk father attacks daycare owner over his kids......

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This Is Some MESS - Read Slowly....Friends Fed a Sex Offender Poop, Then Killed Him With a Sexual Assault

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Give a Round of Applause for this man That Tried to Smuggle Liquid Cocaine in His Salad Dressing

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So PETTY! Draya and Brandi meet in private ― NO ONE could have predicted what happened next!

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YIKES! Erica Mena and Bow Wow throw MAJOR SHADE on social media. What happened?!

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OMG! Is America's Next Top Model CANCELLED?!

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Why Are Girls Born in the Summer More Healthier?

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A Bunch of Self-Centered Bees Rudely Delayed an American Airlines Flight in Texas

— Thu, Oct 15 09:39 AM

The 911 call has been released. What's been revealed about Lamar Odom is incredibly tragic! [LISTEN]

— Thu, Oct 15 09:38 AM

The Vincent Tucker Radio Show Nominated For Show of the Year for 4th consecutive year.

— Wed, Oct 14 08:15 PM

2 Chainz shares his first social media post since welcoming his newborn son — Prepare to MELT into pieces!

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CLAP BACK! Oprah's Response To T.I.'s Sexist Comments Is Absolutely Priceless [VIDEO]

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We have an URGENT update for everyone who's Praying for Lamar Odom...

TMZ — Wed, Oct 14 04:47 PM

Gabrielle Union shouldn't have to go through this. The actress reveals the truth about her child bearing issues.

The Jasmine Brand — Wed, Oct 14 01:11 PM

You Have To Be Some Kind of Person to Get HIRED and FIRED within 30 Minutes........

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A ‘Dead’ Man Woke Up Just Minutes Before This Happens OMG!!!

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After a long and exhausting trial, the fate of 56-year-old Flavor Flav has been DECIDED!

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