Uh Oh Eddie Murphy Revives His Bill Cosby Impression - Now You Know Eddie Went IN!!! (VIDEO)

— Mon, Oct 19 10:06 AM

CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN! The rapper has married his longtime girlfriend and the pictures from the ceremony are absolutely beautiful!

inflexwetrust.com — Mon, Oct 19 10:01 AM

Please keep Chrissy Teigen in your prayers. Last week she revealed she was pregnant but the worst has happened…

Hello Beautiful — Mon, Oct 19 09:41 AM

BABY NEWS FOR CIARA & RUSSELL! Get all the exciting details [PHOTOS]

— Sun, Oct 18 12:13 PM

We're in TEARS! Kim Kardashian announces that her brother-in-law Lamar Odom is...

— Sun, Oct 18 11:55 AM

She's getting so BIG! Beyoncé shows a new photo of Blue Ivy and you won't BELIEVE how big she is right now!

sandrarose — Sun, Oct 18 11:29 AM

What happens when a woman comes for Tammy's 9-year-old daughter on Instagram? Tammy's crazy comes ALL the way out!

inflexwetrust.com — Sun, Oct 18 11:06 AM

This is the Winner for "WORST MOTHER OF 2015!" Do NOT READ THIS IF you have a WEAK STOMACH!

Madame Noire — Sun, Oct 18 10:46 AM

We're fighting back TEARS for Tracy Morgan's family as we digest this news...

— Sun, Oct 18 10:24 AM

Terrible Bill Cosby news. We're heartbroken to report that after a long and illustrious career, the 77-year-old has…

lovebscott — Sat, Oct 17 03:03 PM

This is disturbing beyond so many levels. The Boyfriend of Chris Brown's baby mama is accused by police of doing the UNIMAGINABLE!

— Sat, Oct 17 02:49 PM

Breast Cancer is no joke, y'all. We applaud Nicki Minaj after hearing this touching announcement...

inflexwetrust.com — Sat, Oct 17 02:38 PM

Oh boy...This is seriously f@#$ed up! Dr. Dre and his wife's Maid comes forward with a SHOCKING allegation about the couple…

— Sat, Oct 17 02:29 PM

President Obama is going to be FURIOUS! We can't believe Malia Obama got RECORDED doing this at a College Party!

inflexwetrust.com — Sat, Oct 17 02:18 PM

Chris Brown makes an EMOTIONAL announcement about his daughter Royalty! We're still wiping the tears from our eyes!

Madame Noire — Sat, Oct 17 02:00 PM

This had to be done! With His New Sex Tape Out Online, Lil' Wayne Has Made the Ultimate Decision To...

— Sat, Oct 17 01:49 PM

Raven-Symoné gives tons of Diva Attitude on The View and gets checked quick, fast & in a Hurry!

— Sat, Oct 17 01:39 PM

Amsterdam Music Festival Allows 5 Ecstasy Pills Per Person.... That's Up From Last Year

— Fri, Oct 16 01:13 PM

Lamar Odom's Kids break their silence! Read their HEARTBREAKING public statement!

HipHollywood.com — Fri, Oct 16 12:50 PM

Meet The 18-Year-Old Who Wants To Expose The Horror Of Forced Marriage Through Rapping... Dangerous!

— Fri, Oct 16 12:48 PM