Sorry Porsha but ALL of your tea has been spilled! Is Porsha BROKE & Not paying her Bills!? Porsha Williams Responds…

The Jasmine Brand — Wed, Sep 16 10:34 AM

People Who Completely Failed At Cooking (SEE PHOTOS)

— Wed, Sep 16 10:27 AM

Lawd someone stop Erica before she gets her hair snatched! Wait until you see how she completely SHADES Yandy Smith!

— Wed, Sep 16 10:22 AM

She's FINALLY has one! After reports of her wanting to have another baby, Mariah Carey unveils the HUGE news!

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I'll Be Darned - Wearing Socks With Sandals Is Fashionable! (PHOTOS)

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We don't know how to feel about this, but congratulations to Jaden Smith! It's come out that the actor has...

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What JOYOUS news! It's a hard pill to swallow but at 47 years young, Toni Braxton celebrates a huge "BLESSING" — Wed, Sep 16 09:50 AM

Talk about serious PDA! Serena & Drake show off how much they can't stay off of each other for EVERYONE to see!

Madame Noire — Wed, Sep 16 09:32 AM

This is disturbing beyond so many levels. The Boyfriend of Chris Brown's baby mama is accused by police of doing the UNIMAGINABLE!

— Tue, Sep 15 08:42 PM

CHEATING SHOCKER! Porsha Williams caught her BAE with W-H-O?! Goodness gracious...

— Tue, Sep 15 07:52 PM

They Say Opposites Attract… Odd Celeb Couples (PHOTOS)

— Tue, Sep 15 04:11 PM

Woman Tricked Female Into Having Sex With Her By Pretending To Have A Male......

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Michael Jordan Reportedly Makes More off Sneakers than his NBA Career (Video)

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Now This is Weird!! Caitlyn & Kris Jenner Take An Awkward Selfie [Video]

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We feel AWFUL for her! Gabrielle Union bravely steps forward and reveals that she's been dealing with..

Madame Noire — Tue, Sep 15 12:55 PM

It turns out the rumors about Trey Songz were all true! Tanaya CONFIRMS that her ex-boyfriend is...

— Tue, Sep 15 12:29 PM

We wouldn't wish this on our worst enemy. We feel TERRIBLE that Tiny has to go through this!

Christopher Knowles — Tue, Sep 15 12:04 PM

What Would The "Girlfriends" Cast Be Doing in 2015... Hint- Joan is still crazy

— Tue, Sep 15 11:56 AM

Sorry Draya but your tea has officially been SPILLED! The BBWLA star can't hide the fact anymore that she is…

enstarz. com — Tue, Sep 15 11:54 AM

SHOCKING news for Terrence Howard as he goes public with a sad and HORRIBLE announcement!

TMZ — Tue, Sep 15 11:35 AM