In a moment of painful honesty, Dame makes a SHOCKING confession about his back-stabbing "friend" Jay Z

Monya Fleming — Thu, Oct 29 10:10 AM

Not AGAIN! DMX has been arrested again — the reason why will leave you shaking your head!

— Thu, Oct 29 10:00 AM

This custody update breaks our hearts. We feel AWFUL that Halle Berry has to go through this.

TMZ — Thu, Oct 29 09:47 AM

We're fighting back TEARS for Lamar Odom's family as we digest this news. — Thu, Oct 29 09:34 AM

Serena reportedly has a new BOYFRIEND in her life -- You won't BELIEVE who she replaced Drake with!

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7 First Celebrity Jobs That Will Surprise You

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Alabama elementary school teacher is apologizing for his Halloween costume after it gained international attention...and not in a good way.

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Teacher Draws Male Genital On Student's Assignment and It Wasn't Art Class

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Injured Deer Wanders Into Hospital Emergency Room..It was like a scene from Bambi

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Bill Cosby's Creepy 2003 Interview With Sofia Vergara Is Almost Unbearable To Watch

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Raven-Symoné suffers a HUGE backlash after making a SHOCKING statement about the Spring Valley Student

lovebscott — Wed, Oct 28 01:31 PM

Congratulations Chrisette Michele! The singer is ENGAGED — Click to the see the BEAUTIFUL ring!

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Men Hold FAKE Funeral as Revenge to Friend for Ditching Them for Girlfriend (VIDEO)

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No 'Get Out Of Jail' Card For Man Who Started Monopoly Brawl

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FIGHT ALERT! Tyson Beckford ATTACKS Chris Brown over Karreuche Tran! This is WAY out of line:

TMZ — Wed, Oct 28 12:42 PM

Man Smashes Waffle House Door Because of 50-Cent Biscuit Hike......50-Cent!!!!!

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Khloe Kardashian Says She and Lamar Odom (SPOILER) Getting Back Together..... We All Knew That Though....

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The paperwork is signed and SEALED, y'all. Guess who got NeNe Leakes to join their show! — Wed, Oct 28 12:20 PM

10 Unforgettable Celebrity Halloween Costumes

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A Tamar and Vince SEX TAPE on the way?! You won't BELIEVE what Tamar has revealed

Askissy .com — Wed, Oct 28 12:01 PM