Magic Johnson revels something you don't know about the Lakers

— Tue, Nov 24 01:47 PM

Jamie Foxx's down low lover has been REVEALED! We have CONFIRMED that he's dating…

— Tue, Nov 24 01:25 PM

New Report Shows an Increase in Plastic Surgery to Look Like the Kardashians

— Tue, Nov 24 01:24 PM

AwwkkkkWARD Moment - Holly Holm asked Beyonce her Name! Oh no she didn't!

— Tue, Nov 24 01:10 PM

LOVE ALERT! Bryshere Gray FINALLY shows the world who his significant other is — prepare to be SHOCKED!

— Tue, Nov 24 01:07 PM

It's about to go DOWN, y'all! Joseline Hernandez comes for Tamar and makes a CRAZY accusation about her!

— Tue, Nov 24 12:43 PM

"We Happy You Alive!": Tracy Morgan Has Returned

— Tue, Nov 24 12:41 PM

Nicki Minaj breaks her silence on shading Jennifer Lopez — We're a bit taken aback by what she has to say!

lovebscott — Tue, Nov 24 12:29 PM

UPDATE! The "Adorable Drug Kingpin" Father Works for the FEDS!!!

— Tue, Nov 24 12:15 PM

Is Ciara going BEHIND Russell Wilson's back to see Future!? Lawd this tea is spilling from the cup!

— Tue, Nov 24 11:57 AM

Mr. Incredible Is WANTED... You'll Never Believe What he Did to a Taxi Driver! OUT of Control!

— Tue, Nov 24 11:55 AM

Jada steps out wearing an outfit that may even make Will mad! Click to see and judge yourself! — Tue, Nov 24 11:40 AM

Thanksgiving Eve: The Greatest Hookup Night of the Year

— Tue, Nov 24 11:39 AM

Ex-Vice Principal Caught Selling Drugs Leaps To His Death

— Tue, Nov 24 11:17 AM

Phaedra is going to be PISSED when she sees this! Apollo’s mistress has just revealed herself and she's giving ALL the Tea!

The Jasmine Brand — Tue, Nov 24 11:16 AM

Geniuses on Craigslist Are Making Some Serious Bank by Babysitting Black Friday Shoppers' Kids

— Tue, Nov 24 11:09 AM

We have TERRIBLE news regarding Chris Rock and his daughter Ntombi...

TMZ — Tue, Nov 24 11:04 AM

#ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies Is the Realest Hashtag This Holiday Season

— Tue, Nov 24 10:55 AM

The fate of Sherri Sheppard's baby has been DECIDED. The court has ruled that the daytime diva must...

TMZ — Tue, Nov 24 10:36 AM

EGGPLANT ALERT! Usher strips down to show what he's working with! Ladies, is he PACKING?!?

TMZ — Tue, Nov 24 10:24 AM