George Zimmerman Reportedly Got Booted From Twitter After Posting Nudes

— Fri, Dec 4 12:49 PM

WOW!!! Donald Trump Signs A Woman's Chest Like She's Some Piece of His Property

— Fri, Dec 4 12:36 PM

Charlie Sheen's Ex-Fiancée Brett Rossi Is Suing for Allegedly Not Disclosing HIV-Positive Status, But what he made her do during their relationship is UNFORGIVABLE!

— Fri, Dec 4 12:23 PM

The day has finally come. After an 8-year fight with Lupus, actress Lark Voorhies has...

— Fri, Dec 4 12:13 PM

Did you see NBC's 'The Wiz Live'? Cause Twitter was Going IN - We Can't Believe They Said That!!

— Fri, Dec 4 12:04 PM

BIG news for Keke Palmer! She has announced that....

Hello Beautiful — Fri, Dec 4 11:55 AM

You Would Think Dwyane Wade’s Son Had A Better Respone When Questioned about His Dad - Kids These Days...SMH

— Fri, Dec 4 11:32 AM

We're fighting back TEARS for Tamar Braxton's family as we digest this news. — Fri, Dec 4 11:28 AM

In case you haven't heared about latest behind-the-scenes controversy about Empire...

— Fri, Dec 4 11:12 AM

'OITNB' star Dascha Polanco has been ARRESTED! Prepare to be FLOORED when you find out why!

lovebscott — Fri, Dec 4 10:55 AM

This Should Be A Lesson Before Twerking On Strangers after Learing What Will Happen to these THOTS

— Fri, Dec 4 10:51 AM

Brandy reacts to Ray J's engagement and you do NOT want to miss what she had to say! — Fri, Dec 4 10:39 AM

The rumors are all TRUE! Tyra Banks' camp confirms that the 42-year-old model is DEFINITELY...

Hello Beautiful — Fri, Dec 4 10:19 AM

We hate to report but Nicki Minaj's brother has been arrested for a VIOLENT crime. [DETAILS] — Fri, Dec 4 10:06 AM

Guess who just got PUNCHED in the face and KNOCKED OUT cold!

— Fri, Dec 4 09:46 AM

Challenge: How Long Can You Watch This Video Without Laughing?

— Thu, Dec 3 02:40 PM

Police Caught Him Having Sex with an Alligator In His Backyard. But It’s What He Does Next That’s Crazy!

— Thu, Dec 3 02:29 PM

This Dealer Admits To Coke In His Trunk, But When Police Opened It Their Jaws DROPPED…

— Thu, Dec 3 02:17 PM

Here's Everything We Know About The San Bernardino Attackers

— Thu, Dec 3 01:58 PM

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner's Domestic Violence Picture Has Gone VIRAL and They Are PISSED

— Thu, Dec 3 01:29 PM