100-year-old Can't Stop and Won't Stop.......She's Putting Most of You to Shame!

— Wed, Oct 21 10:35 AM

What a SLAP IN THE FACE! Erica Dixon drops an HUGE BOMBSHELL on her ex Lil Scrappy!

— Wed, Oct 21 10:21 AM

Upgrade or Downgrade? Paula Patton's ex Robin Thicke shows off his new Fiancée and she's a sight to see!

— Wed, Oct 21 10:19 AM

OH MY! Beyoncé steps out wearing an outfit that may even make Jay Z mad! Click to see and judge yourself!

— Wed, Oct 21 10:13 AM

HORRIBLE news for Kevin Hart! He's been blindsided and been left hung out to dry!

— Wed, Oct 21 09:57 AM

Is Tyga RATCHET for doing this with his son?! Most parents would call this downright INAPPROPRIATE...

— Wed, Oct 21 09:39 AM

Dave Chappelle: Hell Yes, I'll Open for Eddie Murphy BUT there's one Problem

— Tue, Oct 20 02:48 PM

Janet Jackson Is in Control of Instagram.... This is no WARNING

— Tue, Oct 20 02:36 PM

Principal doesn’t want teachers sitting — so............

— Tue, Oct 20 02:05 PM

Science Seems to Agree That Being Short Actually Makes You More Depressed....

— Tue, Oct 20 01:34 PM

THIS just gave us LIFE! Tamar paid tribute to Janet Jackson last night and it is EVERYTHING!

— Tue, Oct 20 01:10 PM

Please keep Lamar Odom in your thoughts and prayers. Khloe announces that the beloved NBA star is..

TMZ — Tue, Oct 20 12:55 PM

{{Missing Person Alert}} Lamar Odom's Love Ranch Hooker Goes Missing.....

— Tue, Oct 20 12:43 PM

Detroit man fatally shot by pastor after confronting him about a secret.......

— Tue, Oct 20 12:29 PM

CHEATING SHOCKER! Tammy Rivera caught Waka Flocka with W-H-O?!

— Tue, Oct 20 12:23 PM

Wiz Khalifa's ex Amber Rose shows off her new boo and he's a sight to see!

inflexwetrust.com — Tue, Oct 20 12:14 PM

When This Police Officer Approached Her, Her Night Took A Shocking Turn ... I'm Speechless ...

— Tue, Oct 20 12:13 PM

It's been 8 weeks since he buried Bobbi Kristina and what Bobby Brown reveals will break your heart... 

enstarz. com — Tue, Oct 20 12:04 PM

James must be FURIOUS! Khloe's BF Finds Out the Shocking Truth About Khloe & Lamar...

— Tue, Oct 20 11:48 AM

16-year-old had a big announcement: She was pregnant with triplets... But there was a big problem at the end of the 9 months

— Tue, Oct 20 11:38 AM