6 Serial Killers That Are Roaming FREE

— Thu, Sep 17 11:48 AM

We feel AWFUL for her! Ciara bravely steps forward and reveals that she's been dealing with...

— Thu, Sep 17 11:44 AM

Well this is unexpected. With his sentencing date coming soon, Mendeecees receives word that he will…

— Thu, Sep 17 11:24 AM

Adrienne Bailon is FINALLY breaking her silence about her break up with Lenny Santiago! You won't BELIEVE what she reveals!

enstarz. com — Thu, Sep 17 11:06 AM

MIND-BLOWING! Fourteen years after Aaliyah's untimely death, we're STUNNED to witness this revelation: 

— Thu, Sep 17 10:53 AM

Our hearts literally just melted! Kelly released a video of her and son Titan and his laugh is the cutest thing EVER!

— Thu, Sep 17 10:38 AM

NAILED IT!!..... See Ariana Grande Musical Impressions (VIDEO)

— Thu, Sep 17 10:35 AM

In case you didn't hear this controversial news about T.I. and Iggy Azalea...

— Thu, Sep 17 10:26 AM

Sad news for fans of Terrence Howard. It's with a heavy heart to report that the actor has been confirmed to be...

enstarz. com — Thu, Sep 17 10:11 AM

Chris Brown could be in BIG trouble if this report is true — He did W-H-A-T!?

— Thu, Sep 17 10:02 AM

Tyra Banks shouldn't have to go through this. The model reveals the truth about her child bearing issues.

Madame Noire — Thu, Sep 17 09:47 AM

PREGNANCY ALERT! The Rock has a BABY on the way. You won't BELIEVE who the baby mother is!

— Thu, Sep 17 09:35 AM

Little David's Transformation ― See How Much Jennifer Hudson's Son Has Grown Up!

TooFab.com — Wed, Sep 16 05:37 PM

What happens when Serena catches Drake calling another woman BAE on Instagram? Her crazy comes ALL the way out!

— Wed, Sep 16 05:19 PM

The news for 50 Cent has gotten WORSE than before! Just when he thought he was in the clear, the rapper gets slapped AGAIN…

— Wed, Sep 16 05:07 PM

CAUGHT! Celebrity Surveillance Tapes (VIDEO)

— Wed, Sep 16 02:55 PM

We Never Saw This Coming - Stevie Wonder Behind the Wheel Jaming!! (SEE VIDEO)

— Wed, Sep 16 02:37 PM

People Who Are Totally 100% Drunk Right Now (FUNNY PHOTOS)

— Wed, Sep 16 02:19 PM

9 Transgender Celebrities We Just Love

— Wed, Sep 16 01:40 PM

What an unfortunate situation. Beyoncé is getting dragged to court for...

— Wed, Sep 16 01:00 PM