SHADE ALERT! Missy Elliott takes a HUGE shot at Nicki Minaj for doing the craziest thing ever...or did she!?

Hello Beautiful — Fri, Nov 27 11:05 AM

It Looks Like Willow Smith Can Add Producer To Her Resume

Christopher Knowles — Fri, Nov 27 10:46 AM

Rapper Remy Ma looks NOTHING like this after serving 8 years in Prison. See Remy Ma in 2015!

— Fri, Nov 27 10:23 AM

Master P isn't done trolling Kobe Bryant. You won't believe what the rapper had to say about the hoop star now!

— Fri, Nov 27 10:09 AM

We're fighting back TEARS for Tracy Morgan's family as we digest this news...

Hello Beautiful — Fri, Nov 27 09:54 AM

It's official. Tyga and Kylie Jenner are DONE! — Fri, Nov 27 09:39 AM

No husband and wife should EVER have to go through this! Will goes public and acknowledges some DEVASTATING news! — Wed, Nov 25 02:32 PM

HORRIBLE news for The Game! He's been blindsided and been left hung out to dry!

— Wed, Nov 25 02:09 PM

Newborn Baby With Umbilical Cord Still Attached Abandoned at Church’s Nativity Scene

— Wed, Nov 25 01:59 PM

This Oscar Nominee Actor is Considering a Future in Politics - He Might be Fit for the Job!

— Wed, Nov 25 01:42 PM

Talk about unexpected. Angie Stone spills ALL THE TEA on Idris Elba — what she reveals will leave you STUNNED!

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Kim Kardashian makes a SHOCKING announcement about her pregnancy!!! We hope she'll be ok...

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Megyn Kelly Asks If It's 'Appropriate' For Chicago Protester To Stare At Cop {SHOCKING RESPONSE}

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Remember The Annoying Little Sister From ‘Everybody Hates Chris’? Here’s What She Looks Like Now

Christopher Knowles — Wed, Nov 25 12:53 PM

Is Tamar's husband Vince cheating on her? The singer breaks her silence and you do NOT want to miss what she revealed!

Carol Scott — Wed, Nov 25 12:37 PM

A feminist blogger has used her own vaginal yeast to create sourdough bread. Eeeewww!!

— Wed, Nov 25 12:27 PM

Such unfortunate news. We regret to report that Lamar Odom has...

— Wed, Nov 25 12:08 PM

Here comes the SHADE! Mariah Carey DISSES Jennifer Lopez by doing the most disrespectful thing...

The Jasmine Brand — Wed, Nov 25 11:49 AM

Rihanna Just Announced Something Major

— Wed, Nov 25 11:44 AM

Gwen Stefani Just Told Blake Shelton Those Three Magic Words

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