Have You Seen This Trash Bag-Wearing Robber?

— Thu, Oct 22 02:08 PM

'You're Going To Smoke Some Weed With Me Right Now!... Says Knife Holding Intruder

— Thu, Oct 22 02:03 PM

Ellen may have officially crossed the line. No if, ands, or butts about it.

— Thu, Oct 22 01:49 PM

Inmate PERMANTLY reminds Child Molester/Killer of his Crime.... Can Someone Say KARMA?

— Thu, Oct 22 01:30 PM

Grown Man Yells at Children who went into his yard to get football. THEN had the never to threaten them with......

— Thu, Oct 22 01:15 PM

This COMPLETELY caught us off Guard! Devastating News from Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill...

inflexwetrust.com — Thu, Oct 22 12:50 PM

R.I.P. to their relationship!? Rick Ross and Lira Galore have reportedly...

— Thu, Oct 22 12:41 PM

Queen Latifah has a new woman in her life — You'll be SHOCKED when you find out who she is!

Madame Noire — Thu, Oct 22 12:13 PM

A rep for Lark Voorhies confirms the terrible news...

sandrarose — Thu, Oct 22 12:07 PM

Fair or Foul? Watch Beyoncé PUBLICLY embarrass her Assistant on the Red Carpet…

— Thu, Oct 22 11:59 AM

Legendary Wife Smashes Husbands BMW in 20 minutes after finding out that ...(See Video)

— Thu, Oct 22 11:53 AM

[WATCH] Ja Rule To Star In New MTV Reality Series, “Follow The Rules”

— Thu, Oct 22 11:37 AM

Floyd Mayweather has a new WOMAN in his life and you won't BELIEVE how she looks!

inflexwetrust.com — Thu, Oct 22 11:34 AM

Thieves Steal From Art Gallery and Leaves the Guest Book with their.......

— Thu, Oct 22 11:32 AM

EX ALERT! James Harden reacts to Khloe dumping him for Lamar Odom and you do NOT want to miss what he had to say!

— Thu, Oct 22 11:20 AM

Georgia man was struck by an SUV while driving his electric scooter... THEN Things Got Worse

— Thu, Oct 22 11:19 AM

Once Again the Highest-Paid Comedian on the PLANET Is The Hillarious........

— Thu, Oct 22 11:07 AM

Is there a BABY on the way for these two!? Ciara breaks the STUNNING news!

Madame Noire — Thu, Oct 22 10:55 AM

Trending News...Woman Bites Off Would-Be Rapist's Tongue During Attack

— Thu, Oct 22 10:47 AM

COMING OUT! After struggling to hide it, Lil' Fizz comes forward with a SHOCKING announcement...

enstarz. com — Thu, Oct 22 10:44 AM