The truth FINALLY gets exposed! Is Michael Jackson really the father of Prince, Paris & Blanket...

sandrarose — Fri, Oct 23 12:28 PM

Tasha from 'Everybody Hates Chris' is ALL grown up! See what she looks like at 23 — She's BEAUTIFUL!

— Fri, Oct 23 12:06 PM

Erica Mena is FINALLY moving on from Bow Wow as she goes on a date with the LAST person you'd expect!

enstarz. com — Fri, Oct 23 11:59 AM

Alabama Reporter Allegedly Sets Her Car, Self On Fire After Fight With Husband

— Fri, Oct 23 11:53 AM

This is the baby news YEARS in the making! Do Toya & Memphitz Have a BABY on the Way!? — Fri, Oct 23 11:41 AM

Wife Caught Cheating After Husband Spots Something Suspicious in Her Snapchat....Ooops!

— Fri, Oct 23 11:28 AM

Sad news for fans of Janet Jackson. It's with a heavy heart to report that the singer has been confirmed to be...

lovebscott — Fri, Oct 23 11:15 AM

SAD NEWS: Freddie Gray's Mom Gloria Darden allegedly tried to commit suicide. Never easy losing a child.

— Fri, Oct 23 10:50 AM

What a absolute BLESSING for Brandy! The singer/actress has announced that she's due to [SPOILER] in late January! 

lovebscott — Fri, Oct 23 10:48 AM

Love It Or Hate It? Gabrielle Union Changes her Hairstyle and looks like a Completely Different Person! — Fri, Oct 23 10:35 AM

Hillary Clinton Channels Jay Z, "Brushes Dirt Off Her Shoulder" Sick of Talking about the Damn Emails

— Fri, Oct 23 10:33 AM

Investigations, Scandals: The Fall of Will Smith

— Fri, Oct 23 10:17 AM

Nelly CAN'T let go of Ashanti — and his latest actions prove it.

— Fri, Oct 23 10:10 AM

This is beyond shocking. Draya makes a HEARTBREAKING confession about her son Kniko:

— Fri, Oct 23 09:56 AM

In case you missed the news regarding Ja Rule and his family...

The Jasmine Brand — Fri, Oct 23 09:46 AM

Truly heartbreaking! We have a jaw-dropping update for everyone who praying for Lamar Odom!

— Fri, Oct 23 09:31 AM

Alleged Wedding Crasher Bites Police Dog.. We're supposed to take a bite out of crime, but not like this.

— Thu, Oct 22 05:16 PM

Talk about TMI! Terry Crews makes a SHOCKING confession about his sex life with Rebecca...

Madame Noire — Thu, Oct 22 04:34 PM

Empire fans: Due to a sharp change in ratings, we're SPEECHLESS to report that the show…

sandrarose — Thu, Oct 22 04:15 PM

Woman Dining Expects 'Jesus' To Pay Expensive Buffet Bill

— Thu, Oct 22 02:17 PM