Stay strong, Christina. The singer finally speaks out about her failed relationship with Lil' Wayne. — Mon, Oct 26 04:03 PM

The Real Rick Ross has been INDICTED for a SERIOUS crime. He's getting charged with W-H-A-T?!

— Mon, Oct 26 03:38 PM

Woman Arrested For Masturbating With Jimmy Dean Sausage In Walmart: Just IGNORING “No merchandise allowed beyond this point.”

— Mon, Oct 26 02:36 PM

Wife Tells Father of Son With Down Syndrome to Get Rid of Him OR........

— Mon, Oct 26 01:48 PM

Will needs to come get his son! Jaden Smith comes out of the closet wearing a dress ― Get a load of THIS:

huffingtonpost — Mon, Oct 26 12:50 PM

Who knew carrots could be so dangerous? Teen Could Face Charges For Tossing Veggie

— Mon, Oct 26 12:43 PM

Lamar Odom receives HEARTBREAKING news from the doctor ― The former NBA Star has reportedly tested positive for...

TMZ — Mon, Oct 26 12:37 PM

Drunk Cat Suffers Serious Hangover After 7 Weeks In Wine Cellar.....But Did He Die?

— Mon, Oct 26 12:31 PM

62 Year Old Man Decides To Give Stage Diving A Shot At A Flo Rida Show.... Maybe He Should Have Thought TWICE about it (VIDEO)

— Mon, Oct 26 12:10 PM

We're not sure WHAT to make of this Erica Mena and Bow Wow news. Love sure is blind...

— Mon, Oct 26 12:00 PM

If This Is Your Weed, Police In New Jersey Would Like You To 'Claim' It

— Mon, Oct 26 11:51 AM

Lamar's Aunt Janean breaks her silence on Lamar reuniting with Khloe — We're a bit taken aback by what she has to say!

sandrarose — Mon, Oct 26 11:42 AM

Mom Left Kids In Locked Car To Go To Arizona State Fair - Are You Not AMUSED???

— Mon, Oct 26 11:35 AM

With only 7 months of dating, we are THRILLED to learn Nicki and Meek Mill are reportedly...

lovebscott — Mon, Oct 26 11:23 AM

Inflatable Male Part Falls From Upper Deck At 49ers Game, Then This Happens

— Mon, Oct 26 11:14 AM

On Ciara's birthday, Blac Chyna makes a HUGE declaration on Instagram about Future and announces...

— Mon, Oct 26 11:01 AM

Ex-Cop Gets Year in Jail for Asking to Lick Woman's Feet

— Mon, Oct 26 10:58 AM

In a Real Life 'Nightmare on Elm Street,' Woman Finds Coffin Buried in Backyard

— Mon, Oct 26 10:51 AM

Kim Kardashian had a big surprise in store on her birthday -- for her fans!

— Mon, Oct 26 10:42 AM

Kim Kardashian celebrates her baby shower. See how BIG her baby bump is now!

— Mon, Oct 26 10:38 AM