Louisiana prisoners made fake gun out of soap to execute escape plan ... And guess who feel for it?

— Mon, Nov 23 10:55 AM

Oh My Goodness!!! Oklahoma man arrested for 42 drive-by shootings in one night!!

— Fri, Nov 20 03:58 PM

Woman Assaults Boyfriend Over A VERY LARGE BILL!!!

— Fri, Nov 20 01:50 PM

Texas Man Allegedly Assaulted Girlfriend for Refusing to Sniff his Armpit

— Fri, Nov 20 01:23 PM

8th Graders Kill Woman and Steal Her Car... What Police Found Next Was Horrific!!

— Thu, Nov 19 01:19 PM

When Dogs Attack: Man killed by dog he had adopted hours earlier - UNGRATFUL

— Thu, Nov 19 11:20 AM

YES You can still get a DUI if your not driving - But this guy here obviously doesn't know the rules

— Thu, Nov 19 10:55 AM

A drunk real estate agent stole a cab and got caught when she stopped to......

— Thu, Nov 19 10:43 AM

Woman Gets Two DUIs On The Same Night, In The Same Car

— Wed, Nov 18 02:40 PM

Florida Woman Runs Over Man With Car After Arguing About Sex Positions

— Wed, Nov 18 02:15 PM

Florida Man Accidentally Shoots and Kills Woman During "Freaky Sex"

— Wed, Nov 18 02:08 PM

Woman Flips Out Over All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes

— Mon, Nov 16 02:41 PM

Man jailed after squirting kids with water pistol loaded something OTHER than Water..WOW!

— Mon, Nov 16 01:48 PM

Florida Woman Calls 911 to put in a STRANGE Order....

— Mon, Nov 16 12:11 PM

This Transgender Man Thought He Was Just Out Of Shape... But He Was Actually.......

— Mon, Nov 16 11:47 AM

This nightclub's urinal art has women judging your junk

— Fri, Nov 13 02:07 PM

Dog Steals Pizza, Tries Setting Place On Fire To Destroy Evidence

— Fri, Nov 13 01:45 PM

Update - McDonald's fires worker who threw water on homeless man

— Fri, Nov 13 12:58 PM

Man Dies After Attempting Break Dance Move in Club

— Fri, Nov 13 11:36 AM

Woman Arrested, Charged with Third-Degree Sex Abuse for Twerking on a Random Man in a D.C. Gas Station [Video]

— Thu, Nov 12 10:26 AM