Atlanta Man Found Dead in California Desert..... But Where's his Organs?

— Mon, Oct 19 11:22 AM

Your Worst Nightmare!! A Creepy Clown Gang is Stalking School Children

— Mon, Oct 19 10:37 AM

This is the Winner for "WORST MOTHER OF 2015!" Do NOT READ THIS IF you have a WEAK STOMACH!

Madame Noire — Sun, Oct 18 10:46 AM

Amsterdam Music Festival Allows 5 Ecstasy Pills Per Person.... That's Up From Last Year

— Fri, Oct 16 01:13 PM

Meet The 18-Year-Old Who Wants To Expose The Horror Of Forced Marriage Through Rapping... Dangerous!

— Fri, Oct 16 12:48 PM

Guy Sues After Skull Crushed by Giant Falling Pine Cone...Squirrel Still On the Run..

— Fri, Oct 16 11:56 AM

Teen Who Points And Screams At Police Officer “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” Shot In The Face

— Fri, Oct 16 11:35 AM

Cops Found Hundreds Of BLOODY, Half-Naked BODIES In A Paris Square… You Won’t Believe What Happened.

— Fri, Oct 16 11:27 AM

"Illuminati Made Me Do It" Murderer Claims He Stabbed Landlord To DEATH After Being Possessed By Jay-Z

— Fri, Oct 16 11:17 AM

You NAME it he HAD IT...... Check out all the drugs found in Lamar Odom's System

— Fri, Oct 16 10:33 AM

OMG! Slain woman's body mistaken for Halloween decoration in Ohio

— Fri, Oct 16 09:41 AM

The Debate On Guns is Winning or Losing Because This State No Longer Requires a Permit to Carry A Concealed Handgun.......

— Fri, Oct 16 09:32 AM

Mom scolds hospital for comment made to 4-year-old daughter.... But was it that BAD?

— Thu, Oct 15 01:20 PM

Toddlers are fed-up! Shootings By Toddlers On The Rise

— Thu, Oct 15 12:32 PM

OMG! Naked Woman High On "Spice" Trashes Subway ...

— Thu, Oct 15 11:38 AM

Drunk father attacks daycare owner over his kids......

— Thu, Oct 15 10:49 AM

Why Are Girls Born in the Summer More Healthier?

— Thu, Oct 15 09:52 AM

You Have To Be Some Kind of Person to Get HIRED and FIRED within 30 Minutes........

— Wed, Oct 14 01:10 PM

A ‘Dead’ Man Woke Up Just Minutes Before This Happens OMG!!!

— Wed, Oct 14 12:55 PM

Parents Force Teen to Live in the Woods For Eating Pop-Tart

— Wed, Oct 14 12:36 PM