Man Beat Pregnant Wife To Death With Wrench In Front Of Their Four Children [VIDEO]

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Bay Area Man & Girlfriend Charged With Attempted Murder Of His 11-Month-Old Child [VIDEO]

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Mom Arrested After Showing Up at Her Teen Daughter’s School to Help Fight A Rival [VIDEO]

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Mom Arrested After Showing Up at Her Teen Daughter’s School to Help Fight A Rival

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Father Kidnapped & Killed his daughters for the DUMBEST reason ever!

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So This Mom Was Arrested for Assaulting Her Daughter over the most Ridiculous Reason!

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Dallas woman kills her husband over his alleged infidelity - REPORT

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Wife Attacks Husband with Bleach After He Learned Her New Lover Baby Sat Their Kids - REPORT

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Pregnant Texas Teen Killed While Posing For Modeling Shoot On Train Tracks [PHOTOS]

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New Video Footage Of Michael Brown Hours Before His Death Raises More Questions [VIDEO]

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Report - Man Arrested for Shooting His 17-Month-Old Daughter in the Stomach [VIDEO]

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Man arrested for raping a 13-year-old at Church - BUT that's just the beginning.

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Teen killed after girl sneaks him into home and her father mistakes him for intruder

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Teen Sentenced To Prison For Armed Robbery Of Kid's Birthday Party [PHOTO]

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Preschool Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault Of 3-Year-Old Girl During Naptime [VIDEO]

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Shocking love triangle goes bad as woman CUTS OFF the leg of her Husband's Sidechick [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

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Woman Charged After Boyfriend Beat Their Toddler Son To Death: Was She Also Abused?

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Man Arrested After Raping His Girlfriend's 3 Daughters - BUT that's just the beginning.

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When Roger Adams Jr's Pregnant Girlfriend told him the Baby Wasn't His... THIS HAPPENED!

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When Takita Poe Found her 14-Year-Old Daughter in bed with a Boy, She Did THIS!

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