New Report Says Hot Dogs Contain Human DNA, Veggie Hot Dogs Contain Meat

— Mon, Oct 26 10:27 AM

Minnesota Woman Arrested After Sending Neighbors Letter Saying Their Children "Look Delicious"

— Fri, Oct 23 01:11 PM

Trolls Bash Dad for 'Turning Son Gay,' Dad Responds Perfectly

— Fri, Oct 23 12:54 PM

Let's Hope that Subway Check adds up: Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle to Pay Victims $1 Million in Restitution

— Fri, Oct 23 12:35 PM

Alabama Reporter Allegedly Sets Her Car, Self On Fire After Fight With Husband

— Fri, Oct 23 11:53 AM

SAD NEWS: Freddie Gray's Mom Gloria Darden allegedly tried to commit suicide. Never easy losing a child.

— Fri, Oct 23 10:50 AM

Legendary Wife Smashes Husbands BMW in 20 minutes after finding out that ...(See Video)

— Thu, Oct 22 11:53 AM

Man Hears STRANGE NOISES Under The Pavement… What He Finds Underneath Will SHOCK You

— Wed, Oct 21 12:06 PM

Bride Goes Viral For Giving Her Dad A Doctors Note on Her Wedding Day

— Wed, Oct 21 11:07 AM

If You're Too Poor to Pay Your Court Fines, Alabama Will Gladly Help You Out

— Wed, Oct 21 10:53 AM

After his car broke down, Florida church drummer shot and killed by another.....

— Wed, Oct 21 10:47 AM

100-year-old Can't Stop and Won't Stop.......She's Putting Most of You to Shame!

— Wed, Oct 21 10:35 AM

Science Seems to Agree That Being Short Actually Makes You More Depressed....

— Tue, Oct 20 01:34 PM

{{Missing Person Alert}} Lamar Odom's Love Ranch Hooker Goes Missing.....

— Tue, Oct 20 12:43 PM

When This Police Officer Approached Her, Her Night Took A Shocking Turn ... I'm Speechless ...

— Tue, Oct 20 12:13 PM

Wrong Move! Robber Tries to Rob a Girl MMA Fighter....(VIDEO)

— Tue, Oct 20 11:27 AM

Chicago police officers are being investigated on pimping.... Yep, you wouldn't believe the ages of the ladies

— Tue, Oct 20 11:08 AM

New Jersey Man Wiped His Ass With His Court Summons AND THEN Was Brave Enough to Do THIS...OMG!

— Tue, Oct 20 10:56 AM

If You Don't Believe in KARMA - This Might Change Your Mind....Man Hacks at Cars With a Machete, Gets Run Over and Arrested

— Tue, Oct 20 10:44 AM

Facebook post may have led to man’s home invasion and killing after he posted this………..

— Mon, Oct 19 11:49 AM