Pittsburgh Mom Of Four Tells Cops To "Just Take" Her Children Found Home Alone [VIDEO]

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Alabama mother accused of locking twins in closet without food to go clubbing

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New Candidate for "WORST Father of 2016!" You Won't Believe What This Man Did to his 3-year-old son…

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You Would Never Believe What This Woman Did to her 17-month-old son because she thought her children's father was Cheating!

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A New Mexico Mother Monica Mares is fighting to keep her sexual relationship with son Caleb

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Ohio Man Murders Girlfriend, then Logs On to Her Facebook Account To Posting What He Did.

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New Candidate for "WORST Mother of 2016!" You Would Never Guess What This Woman Did to her 3-month-old baby…

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California police video shows fatal shooting of Unarmed 19-year-old Dylan Noble [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

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Babysitter Arrested After Filming Her Boyfriend Molesting Two 7-Year-Olds in California

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Louisiana cops stun, shoot and kill Alton Sterling for selling music [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

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The "WORST Mother of 2016!" You Will not BELIEVE What This Mother of 5 Woman Did to her kids!!

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Psycho Drivers Runs Over 37 People On The Las Vegas Strip

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Man Strangles Girlfriend To Death Because She “Wouldn’t Make Eye Contact With Him”

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Woman Arrested For Twerking On Elderly Man’s Casket At Funeral Causing It To Fall Over

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Monday Night Football Went From 0-100 after a Cowboy Fan did THIS to a Redskin Fan....VIDEO

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VIDEO: Horrible “Father” Makes His 2-Year-Old Son Hit The Blunt And Films It! Oh Hell NO!

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She KILLED HER SON & Stuffed Him in a Bag. Then She Went Shopping. Her Next Stop? WTF?

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Chief Keef Says “We Need To KILL All Law Enforcement”

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Bravery at its BEST!! Can You Believe What this 73-year old Man Did IN FRONT of the COPS?....

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Who Need Enemies When You Have Friends? Man Attends Gun Show Then Does This to Friend!

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