10-year-old girl among three dead as car plows into trick-or-treaters.....

— Mon, Nov 2 10:32 AM

Fathers Fate is with Judge after Shooting Down Drone Creeping on Daughter

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Woman Leaps from Lyft Car Because She Thought She Was Being Kidnapped

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Oh NO!!! Chipotle Has Closed Nearly 50 Restaurants Because......

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How'd You Get Fired on Your Day OFF? Single Mom Fired Before Her 1st Day Of Work.

— Fri, Oct 30 01:20 PM

Texas woman used in 'blood ritual' while being held captive

— Fri, Oct 30 12:46 PM

Judge gives teen HARSH WARNING, describing what would "Probably Happen in Jail Everyday"

— Fri, Oct 30 11:46 AM

First-Grader Pricked by Meth Needle Hidden in Teddy Bear ...

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12-Year-Old Honor Student Lands Himself a "Gang Related” Problem because of California Bear SHIRT

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Student Assaulted at Spring Valley Is Grieving The Recent Loss Of Her Mother [VIDEO]

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When This Mom Took A Selfie With Her Baby, She Had No Idea The UNTHINKABLE Would Happen

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China scraps controversial one-child policy; couples can have two!

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Alabama elementary school teacher is apologizing for his Halloween costume after it gained international attention...and not in a good way.

— Wed, Oct 28 02:39 PM

Teacher Draws Male Genital On Student's Assignment and It Wasn't Art Class

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No 'Get Out Of Jail' Card For Man Who Started Monopoly Brawl

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Man in a coma after e-cigarette EXPLODED!!!!

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Deputy Ben Fields Might Regret his Actions After This News Hits Him....

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Wife Tells Father of Son With Down Syndrome to Get Rid of Him OR........

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Who knew carrots could be so dangerous? Teen Could Face Charges For Tossing Veggie

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Mom Left Kids In Locked Car To Go To Arizona State Fair - Are You Not AMUSED???

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