Giant Hole Swallows At Least 14......

— Tue, Nov 10 10:06 AM

Florida Cop Shows Up Drunk to Accept Award From Mothers Against Drunk Driving

— Mon, Nov 9 10:55 AM

This Boy Has Outsmarted Us All With His Perfect Math Problem Answer

— Fri, Nov 6 01:58 PM

Fight at Minneapolis McDonald's drive-thru caught on camera

— Fri, Nov 6 01:34 PM

Study: Judges Are More Likely to Rule Favorably After Lunch

— Fri, Nov 6 11:30 AM

Connecticut Teens Busted For Halloween Threats While dressed up as the Columbine High School Killers

— Fri, Nov 6 11:20 AM

Facebook Is Developing Technology FOR The Blind.... SEE if you agree

— Fri, Nov 6 10:10 AM

834 civilians shot and killed by American law enforcement ADD this 6-Year-Old Autistic Kid

— Fri, Nov 6 09:54 AM

8th Grader Given Detention for "Inappropriate Touching" After 1 Second of THIS!

— Thu, Nov 5 02:06 PM

Ohio Teen Finds Himself on the National Center for Missing Children Database...But he wasn't missing

— Thu, Nov 5 01:55 PM

Bedroom Dealing Teen Sentenced for Running $4 Million Drug Business

— Thu, Nov 5 12:07 PM

Woman Posts Winning Ticket to Facebook, NOW She's Missing Her.........

— Thu, Nov 5 11:47 AM

"Da-da-da-da-dah I'm Lovin' It!" Man Caught on Camera Smuggling McMuffin to his Girlfriend in Prison

— Thu, Nov 5 11:23 AM

Forgetting things ? You Might Have a Tapeworm in Your Brain

— Thu, Nov 5 10:49 AM

No Luck On Tinder?.... So Sorry For You BUT a Change is on the way!

— Thu, Nov 5 10:37 AM

Man Goes BALLISTIC On RACIST Anchor During #BlackLivesMatter Debate On Fox

— Wed, Nov 4 01:26 PM

Mississippi Man Bombs Wal-Mart for Refusing to Sell Confederate Flags

— Wed, Nov 4 10:46 AM

Rachel Dolezal Okay, I'm White!!! Ya Happy Now?

— Mon, Nov 2 01:30 PM

#HoodsOff: Anonymous Begins Leaking Names of Alleged Ku Klux Klan Members

— Mon, Nov 2 12:15 PM

Police Urge Parents to Check Candy After Teen Finds a Razor Blade

— Mon, Nov 2 11:05 AM