This tea is BOILING HOT and FRESHLY BREWED!!! Did Stevie J, Mimi & Joseline Have a MENAGE A TROIS Back in the Day!? — Tue, Aug 25 12:02 PM

LAWD, GIRL! In case you haven't heard the news about Tyrese and Taraji...

Paige Harris — Tue, Aug 25 11:34 AM

HIV/AIDS is no joke, y'all. We applaud Dave Chappelle after hearing this touching announcement.

Carol Scott — Tue, Aug 25 11:18 AM

We can finally break the big news! Kelly Rowland is going to be a MOM again!

lovebscott — Tue, Aug 25 10:55 AM

Gilbert Arenas Kills Rumors of Secretly Fathering Draya Michele’s Son

Paige Harris — Tue, Aug 25 10:42 AM

Ever wonder what happened to Laura Winslow?! Well, she looks NOTHING like this now!

Paige Harris — Tue, Aug 25 10:11 AM

We doubt these two wanted this to come out! Serena's friends spill ALL the tea on Drake! — Tue, Aug 25 09:38 AM

Lisa Bonet finally opens up about Bill Cosby drugging Women for Sex. You do NOT want to miss what she reveals!

— Mon, Aug 24 01:18 PM

SPILL THAT TEA, GIRL! Joseline Hernandez Clowns Nikko and Margeaux and Tells ALL their Secrets!

— Mon, Aug 24 12:57 PM

[BIG UPDATE] What a SLAP IN THE FACE! Terrence Howard's ex drops an Alimony battle BOMBSHELL on him!

TMZ — Mon, Aug 24 12:32 PM

This is getting nasty, y'all. Russell Wilson ex-wife commits the ultimate act of revenge against Russell & Ciara... — Mon, Aug 24 12:11 PM

The rumors aren't just rumors anymore! Meet Gabourey's NEW BOYFRIEND. Lawd, he is FOOOIIINNNEEE too!

lovebscott — Mon, Aug 24 11:57 AM

There's a SHOCKING rumor going around about Floyd Mayweather, and now we FINALLY know the TRUTH about... — Mon, Aug 24 11:33 AM

Drake and Serena Williams DATING?! Here's what Drake and Serena were caught doing when they thought no one was looking…

— Mon, Aug 24 11:18 AM

SHE'S PREGNANT! Mariah Carey has a BABY on the way. You won't BELIEVE who the baby daddy is!

— Mon, Aug 24 10:41 AM

Kenya has some explaining to do! Nene just spilled ALL of tea and revealed that Kenya has…

— Mon, Aug 24 10:23 AM

Sad R.Kelly News. We regret to report that Kells has...

hotnewhiphop — Mon, Aug 24 09:55 AM

JUST MARRIED! Tracy Morgan ties the knot in a SURPRISE wedding. You'll NEVER guess who the lucky lady is!

— Mon, Aug 24 09:27 AM

[UPDATE] CHEATING SHOCKER! Scrappy caught Bambi cheating on him with W-H-O?! Goodness gracious...

— Sun, Aug 23 01:52 PM

Was This Called For?! Wiz Khalifa was Placed under ARREST for the last thing you would expect…

— Sun, Aug 23 01:21 PM