BABY BUMP ALERT! Kim K. looks ready to rock two cradles as she shows off her growing baby bump! Click to see!

— Tue, Oct 27 03:46 PM

We're STILL recovering from watching this! Beyoncé pays tribute to Nicki Minaj in the most amazing way possible! — Tue, Oct 27 03:05 PM

Desean Jackson shares the first photo of newborn son. Prepare to have you heart totally MELTED!

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Terrible Lamar Odom news. It pains us to report that the former NBA star has…

TMZ — Tue, Oct 27 12:48 PM

We still Can't believe this happened to them! This Halle & Olivier update is the saddest thing ever

TMZ — Tue, Oct 27 12:37 PM

For the sake of their son, Keyshia & Boobie have reportedly decided it is best to do THIS...

— Tue, Oct 27 12:08 PM

Looks like Bow Wow found someone to help him forget about Erica Mena! Let's just say it's a VERY familiar face…

— Tue, Oct 27 11:55 AM

Terrible Details about Bobbi Kristina's Lifestyle Before Her Death Have Been Released!

enstarz. com — Tue, Oct 27 11:31 AM

We're SCREAMING in excitement! Missy Elliott says she's "proud to announce" that she's going to...

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Tyga reacts to Future dating Blac Chyna. He sure had a few choice words to get off his chest...

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Isn't he too old to be acting like this!? Lark Voorhies' estranged husband pulls the most IMMATURE act ever on her ever by… — Tue, Oct 27 10:47 AM

We KNEW it! Omarion addresses the GAY rumors and CONFIRMS… — Tue, Oct 27 10:25 AM

Tamar probably feels embarrassed about this situation. It's looks like the reality star has received... — Tue, Oct 27 10:13 AM

Lamar's condition has taken a turn for the worse. And you will NOT believe who is offering their kidneys for Lamar to get healthy.

— Tue, Oct 27 09:38 AM

This is just WRONG on SO many levels. What a tragedy for T.I. and everyone involved. — Mon, Oct 26 04:28 PM

Stay strong, Christina. The singer finally speaks out about her failed relationship with Lil' Wayne. — Mon, Oct 26 04:03 PM

The Real Rick Ross has been INDICTED for a SERIOUS crime. He's getting charged with W-H-A-T?!

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Will needs to come get his son! Jaden Smith comes out of the closet wearing a dress ― Get a load of THIS:

huffingtonpost — Mon, Oct 26 12:50 PM

Lamar Odom receives HEARTBREAKING news from the doctor ― The former NBA Star has reportedly tested positive for...

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62 Year Old Man Decides To Give Stage Diving A Shot At A Flo Rida Show.... Maybe He Should Have Thought TWICE about it (VIDEO)

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