Remember Popular Houston Rapper Mike Jones from the 2000's?!? Just wait until you see what he looks like NOW...

bleacher report — Tue, Nov 24 10:12 AM

Hasn't he put Nicki through enough already?! Safaree throws MAJOR SHADE at Nicki and makes a SHOCKING claim about her!

enstarz. com — Tue, Nov 24 09:58 AM

First Look: ‘Barbershop 3’ Official Trailer [VIDEO]

Hello Beautiful — Tue, Nov 24 09:43 AM

Sorry Beyoncé but your tea has officially been SPILLED! The superstar can't hide the fact anymore that she is…

— Mon, Nov 23 01:17 PM

NeNe might have to watch her back in ATL after she throws MAJOR shade at ALL of the Housewives! "These girls are..."

— Mon, Nov 23 12:55 PM

LAWD, GIRL! In case you haven't heard the news about Drake and Nicki Minaj...

— Mon, Nov 23 12:37 PM

Did Porsha get her booty surgically enhanced?! No longer caring what people say, Porsha finally admits...

The Jasmine Brand — Mon, Nov 23 12:16 PM

After a year full of cheating allegations, T.I. & Tiny have decided it's best for their family if they...

— Mon, Nov 23 12:02 PM

Tyrese's daughter Shayla doesn't look ANYTHING like THIS anymore! See Her Now!

— Mon, Nov 23 11:46 AM

Is Keyshia Cole planning to RECONCILE with Daniel Gibson!? The singer reveals that she is going to...

Madame Noire — Mon, Nov 23 11:26 AM

Steve Harvey's Daughter Lori is ALL grown up! See what she looks like at 19!

— Mon, Nov 23 11:23 AM

Christina Milian JUST got dropped by Lil' Wayne and she's already making moves!? You won't BELIEVE Who she was Spotted With Now! — Mon, Nov 23 11:14 AM

Isn't she too old to be acting like this!? Erica pulls the most IMMATURE act ever on her ex-fiancée Bow Wow by…

enstarz. com — Mon, Nov 23 10:54 AM

Welp, it turns out all the speculation is true! Nas is...

— Mon, Nov 23 10:27 AM

What a difference a new diet makes! Tyler Pery goes on a diet and is already seeing "amazing results"! Click to see: 

The Jasmine Brand — Mon, Nov 23 10:16 AM

CONGRATULATIONS, TYGA & KYLIE! The two stars are taking their relationship to the next level...

— Mon, Nov 23 09:56 AM

DUDE...This is so f@#$ed up! Nicki Minaj DISSES Jennifer Lopez by doing the most disrespectful thing: — Mon, Nov 23 09:41 AM

Stevie J's fate has been decided. For failing a Drug Test while on Probation, the reality star will… — Sun, Nov 22 04:12 PM

Talk about unexpected! Kylie and Tyga have JUST broken up but it looks like the two are… — Sun, Nov 22 01:43 PM

We Knew She Was Going to Do This ....Kim Kardhashian is asking for $1 million after baby Yeezus is Born

— Sun, Nov 22 10:40 AM