Report: Black Man Clinging To Life In ICU After Racist White Man Beats Him With A Bat For Dating His Sister

Elliah Dash-Stell — Fri, Feb 2 08:58 AM

Report: 5 High School Boys Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old Girl After Inviting Her Over To Netflix & Chill

Elliah Dash-Stell — Wed, Jan 31 12:08 PM

Report: Body Of 16-Year-Old Girl From Virgina Found 2 Weeks After Her Parents Say Police Treated Her Like a ‘Runaway’

— Tue, Jan 30 10:24 AM

Report: Mother Charged With Manslaughter After Cops Find Her Dead 5-Day-Old Baby In Her Trunk

Monya Fleming — Mon, Jan 29 01:21 PM

Report: Classmates At Boarding School Find 12-Year-Old Girl Dead From Reported Suicide After Constant Bullying

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Pregnant Teen Mom & Boyfriend Allegedly Torture And Fatally Beat 4-Year-Old Son To Death Over Spilled Cereal — Video

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Report: Male Nurse Sentence For Soliciting Friends To Rape Women With Dementia In Nursing Home Between The Ages of 85-90 Years Old

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Report: Man Crashes Car Into Icy River And Leaves Dying Girlfriend In The Passenger Seat To Drown

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Report: Man Arrested For Trying To Run Over His Girlfriend & Her Children After He Was Refused Sex

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Report: Uncle Fatally Shoots His 16-Year-Old Niece Before Killing Himself In Murder-Suicide

— Thu, Jan 18 09:10 AM

Report: Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Teen Girl Told Police The 13-Year-Old "Made A Move" On Him

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Report: Georgia Teen Gets Friends To Help Hide Her Grandfather’s Body After She Allegedly Kills Him

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Report: Black Pastor Arrested Of Sexually Assaulting Teen While White Pastor Accused Of Similar Crime Receives Standing Ovation

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Report: HIV-Positive High School Track Coach Pleads Guilty To Sexually Abusing 42 Male Students Between Ages 11-17

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Report: Man Allegedly Killed Stepson And Ordered Boy’s Brothers To Sleep Beside Dead Brother's Body

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Mother Pleads For Son To Turn Himself In After Allegedly Shooting Her Girlfriend & Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Dead — Video

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Report: Pregnant Texas Woman Fatally Shoots Her Boyfriend’s 7-Year-Old Son Before Leading Police On A Wild Car Chase

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Report: Husband Suspected Of Killing 22-Year-Old Wife Who Was 8 Months Pregnant By Pushing Her Down Stairs

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Report: Well-Known Chef Posts Adorable Christmas Video With Family Before Murdering His Wife, Young Son & Infant Daughter 90 Minutes Later

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Report: Mother Allegedly Texted Photos Of A Knife Pointed At Her 3-Month-Old As She Choked The Baby With A Phone Charger

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