Shooting in NOLA's Upper Ninth Ward Leaves at Least 16 People Hospitalized (VIDEO)

— Mon, Nov 23 10:00 AM

Speculation swirls that University of Georgia student fell from 9th floor dorm and......

— Fri, Nov 20 02:21 PM

Ever Wonder What Happened to the Facebook Killer? Here's Your Heartbreaking Update

— Thu, Nov 19 03:10 PM

BREAKING NEWS: Jared the Subway Man has been Sentenced for a VERY LONG Time

— Thu, Nov 19 12:23 PM

Father Made Mother Hold Their 5-Month-Old Twins Right Before The Gun Went OFF

— Thu, Nov 19 12:10 PM

Feds Crack Down on Not-So-Hot Tamales at Airport

— Thu, Nov 19 11:05 AM

People Think They're More Likely to Die From This Rather Than Getting Hit By A Car

— Thu, Nov 19 10:31 AM

Man Applying for Police Job Gets Himself Arrested

— Wed, Nov 18 11:40 AM

7 Suspected Terrorists Arrested, 2 Others Killed During Massive Police Raid in Paris

— Wed, Nov 18 11:14 AM

Shooting Suspect Pulls Heroin From Butt and Snorts it During Police Interrogation

— Tue, Nov 17 10:47 AM

Charlie Sheen Made a 'Revealing Personal Announcement' on Today Show... This is MAJOR for the Hollywood Actor - So Sad

— Mon, Nov 16 02:02 PM

And The Winner of the Mister Ugly Pangent Goes To.....

— Mon, Nov 16 01:13 PM

Cop gives himself a ticket after accidentally parking in ...

— Mon, Nov 16 12:35 PM

OMG! Man Raped an 8-year-old Girl While his Wife Watched

— Mon, Nov 16 11:24 AM

VIRAL ALERT: Enterprising Little Girl Tries to Sell Her Brother to the Pet Store

— Mon, Nov 16 10:37 AM

Survivor of Paris Attacks Captured the Moment When Concert Shooting Began GRAPHIC VIDEO

— Mon, Nov 16 10:28 AM

BREAKING NEWS: Six Attacks Leave at Least 60 Dead in France, Hostage Situation Ongoing

— Fri, Nov 13 05:26 PM

Help Wanted: Supermarket 'Christmas Light Untangler'

— Fri, Nov 13 02:27 PM

Science confirms that guys who like energy drinks are terrible......

— Fri, Nov 13 02:15 PM

11-year old girl's stick figure leads to burglar's arrest

— Fri, Nov 13 01:21 PM