Louisiana Couple's Newborn Baby Found In The Trash After They Called 911 To Report Miscarriage — Video

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Teen Shot Dead And Her Younger Sister In Serious Condition After Getting Shot While Checking On Outdoor Disturbance Outside Of Their Window

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4-Year-Old Girl Saved Her Life By Pretending To Sleep While Her Father Shoots Fiancée, 15-Year-Old Son & Himself

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Report: 5 Adults Sentenced After Raping And Shooting A 1-year-Old With A BB Gun

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Man Arrested For Chaining Up His Twin Daughters For 10 Years, Repeatedly Raping Them As One Of Them Gave Birth

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Report: 30-Year-Old Man Arrested After Being Caught In Sex Act With Friend's 6-Year-Old Daughter

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Woman Burns Down Home After Losing It In Divorce Settlement And Damages 20 Other Houses In The Process — Video

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Mother Of 12-Year-Old That Is Missing Has Been Arrested; This Comes 7 Months After 13-Year-Old Daughter Reported Missing And Father Arrested

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Pastor, Wife And Daughter Reportedly Accused Of Robbing Sunday School Teacher Over Affair — Video

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Report: Preschool Teacher Arrested For Sexually Abusing Kids During Nap Time

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Police Arrest 29-Year-Old Man That Snuck Into A 15-Year-Old Girl's Room & Got Her Pregnant While Her Parents Were Sleep

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Report: Man Impregnates Set Of 14-Year-Old Twins And Their 12-Year-Old Sister After Their Mother Moved Him In

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Report: Husband Has Pregnant Wife Murdered To Get His Hands On Insurance Money

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Man Identified In Viral Child Pornography Video Shared Through Facebook Messenger In Custody + Wife Also Arrested For Choosing Him Over Her Kids

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Father Reportedly Throws 4-Week-Old Infant Daughter Across Room And Breaks Her Ribs During Argument With GF Over Who Would Wash Dishes

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Report: Two Sisters Accused Of Beating 3-Year-Old Boy To Death With A Baseball Bat Over A Cupcake

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Report: Young Mother Fatally Stabbed 2-Year-Old Son And Tried To Murder Boyfriend In His Sleep

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Report: HIV Positive Man (And His Boyfriend) Accused Of Kidnapping & Raping A 12 Year Old Boy — Video

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Report: Woman & Live-In Girlfriend Accused Of Locking Up Kids And Forcing Them To Eat Dog Feces

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Mother Sentenced To Prison After 1-Year-Old Baby Died In Hot Car While She Was Getting Her Hair Done

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