Snapchatting Teen Captures an Amazing Moment Right before a Plane Literally Crashed!

— Wed, Nov 11 11:59 AM

“ALIEN” Discovered in California – RESIDENTS Are Freaking Out!

— Tue, Nov 10 01:20 PM

A Woman Kept Her Mom's Corpse So She Could Cash Her Security Service Checks

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Seattle Woman Charged for Breaking Into Man's Home, Raping Him While He Slept

— Tue, Nov 10 11:46 AM

Two Florida Criminals Trash Stranger's House To Celebrate 'Jail Release' Party

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Man Was Caught "Pleasing Himself" In Front of a PlayStation for Reasons Unclear

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SOUNDS FISHY! 3-Eyed Catfish Found In New York Canal (Video)

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Naked Man Survives Shark Attack At Hawaii Nude Beach

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Trained mouse caught smuggling drugs through Brazilian prison

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Warning! This is disturbing... "Genital Collector" Charged After at Least 7 Female Genitals Were Found in His.......

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A New Strip Club In Oregon Just Opened…and It Features Nothing But "Expecting" STRIPPERS!

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Fight over last piece of chicken ends in fatal stabbing

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What This Mother Did To Her Down Syndrome Child Will Make You Sick… She Needs To Be Arrested!

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Gold Diggers Try to Strike It Rich in an Unlikely Place

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Man took drastic steps to avoid arrest on a drunken driving charge... Let's Just Say He'll Be BACKED UP for Days

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Colorado Man Goes on Shooting Rampage After 911 Dispatcher Disregards IMPORTANT Call

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Truth in Advertising? Thief Arrested While Making A HUGE Fashion Statement

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Drunk Woman Breaks Into Zoo To Pet Tiger....You Know What Happens NEXT

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Pharmacy Gives Trick-or-Treaters BIPOLAR Meds Instead of Candy

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Man Was Arrested for Impersonating a Cop, While on Probation for Impersonating a Cop

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