Police Caught Him Having Sex with an Alligator In His Backyard. But It’s What He Does Next That’s Crazy!

— Thu, Dec 3 02:29 PM

This Dealer Admits To Coke In His Trunk, But When Police Opened It Their Jaws DROPPED…

— Thu, Dec 3 02:17 PM

Graphic Video Shows Half a Dozen San Francisco Officers Shoot and Kill a Suspect Holding a Knife

— Thu, Dec 3 10:10 AM

Naked Guy In A Box Is The Weirdest Thing You'll See This Week.... Dude, you doing way too much!!

— Wed, Dec 2 02:25 PM

After 19-Years of Marriage, He Just Discovered His Wife Was TRANSGENDER. How He Reacts? OMG!

— Wed, Dec 2 11:59 AM

Mother puts a $346 price tag on baby! But What Happened Next is Completely WRONG!

— Wed, Dec 2 11:24 AM

This Puppy Was FED DRUGS, BEATEN & BURNED ALIVE By Vicious Gang Of Teens! But It’s Their Punishment That Will Leave You Angry

— Tue, Dec 1 01:33 PM

NEXT-LEVEL DEADBEAT DAD: Milwaukee Man Owes $1.2 MILLION Child Support For His 17 Kids!

— Tue, Dec 1 01:04 PM

This is the Winner for "WORST FATHER OF 2015!" Do NOT READ THIS IF you have a WEAK STOMACH!

inflexwetrust.com — Mon, Nov 30 01:06 PM

Guy Casually Robs Detroit Casino by Dressing as Security Guard and Walking Away With.......

— Mon, Nov 30 12:15 PM

Russian Politician Dies When Husband Sets Off Grenade During the Most Unusual Time

— Mon, Nov 30 10:48 AM

More People Than Ever Are Having Sex With Horses in Switzerland

— Sat, Nov 28 12:01 PM

A feminist blogger has used her own vaginal yeast to create sourdough bread. Eeeewww!!

— Wed, Nov 25 12:27 PM

UPDATE! The "Adorable Drug Kingpin" Father Works for the FEDS!!!

— Tue, Nov 24 12:15 PM

Ex-Vice Principal Caught Selling Drugs Leaps To His Death

— Tue, Nov 24 11:17 AM

Riot Police Swoop In On Restaurant Dispute Over Steak

— Mon, Nov 23 12:36 PM

Winner Of 'Mr. Ugly' Pageant Accused Of Being Not Ugly Enough

— Mon, Nov 23 11:52 AM

Shocking Prison Sentencing for Woman After Murdering Date Who Wore Sweats

— Mon, Nov 23 11:09 AM

Louisiana prisoners made fake gun out of soap to execute escape plan ... And guess who feel for it?

— Mon, Nov 23 10:55 AM

Oh My Goodness!!! Oklahoma man arrested for 42 drive-by shootings in one night!!

— Fri, Nov 20 03:58 PM