Alabama 'Mannequin challenge' with guns leads to drug bust [VIDEO]

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[VIDEO] Woman Gets Set on Fire By Her Boyfriend’s Wife…While He Stands Watching

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Teen allegedly sets fire at girls home after argument over pork chops

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Report - Woman Arrested After Throwing Hot Grease On Police Officers [VIDEO]

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Man Arrested After Hitting 11-Year-Old Girl With SUV Before Raping Her! [VIDEO]

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Two Female Jailers Arrested For Having Intimate Encounters With Prison Inmates [VIDEO]

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24-Year-Old Woman arrested for sexual relationship with 14-year-old Live-In Boyfriend

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Mother Criticized on Facebook After Putting 5 Pounds Of Weave In 5-Month Old Baby’s Hair [VIDEO]

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7-year-old Travon Grayson Jaw Broken By Teacher for Misbehaving in Class - Report

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This Woman Says Rubbing Vaginal Discharge on Her Face Cleared Up Acne and Gave Her A Lighter Complexion

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Farad Polk Receives $600K After Police "Accidentally" Trap Him In Jail For 32 Hours - Report

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Baton Rouge Man Crawled Through McDonald's Drive-Thru Window To Beat His Baby-Mama

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Minnesota Bus Driver Uses N-Word & Dumps 20 Children Off On The Side Of The Road [VIDEO]

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Dallas Woman Faked Pregnancy Before Killing Kansas Woman & Stealing Her Baby [VIDEO]

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Chicago Man Charged With Murder Of 2-Year-Old Boy: Toddler Killed & Dismembered For Crying

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Woman Arrested For Attempted Murder Of Niece; Stabbed Her In The Head & Back!

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Pittsburgh Mom Of Four Tells Cops To "Just Take" Her Children Found Home Alone [VIDEO]

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Alabama mother accused of locking twins in closet without food to go clubbing

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New Candidate for "WORST Father of 2016!" You Won't Believe What This Man Did to his 3-year-old son…

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