Video Shows Deputies Tasing A Man Who's Already Restrained (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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Better not get caught slippin ...Woman Uses Skype Sex Footage to Blackmail More Than A Cheating Husband...

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Here's a reason not to hug your relatives...Woman sues nephew, says his "forceful" birthday greeting

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Spokesperson for Abstinence Bristol Palin has a HUGE announcement regarding her Unwed Pregnancy

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Man Undergoes 173 Digital Rectal Exams in 3 Days.... So of Course This Happened NEXT

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A man accused of murder taunts the dead man's family as he appeared in court ... And even more cruelly.......

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The CHILLING Phone Call THIS 17-Year-Old Boy Made To Police After Murdering His Mom.....

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Texas man kills wife with shotgun blast after incorrectly identifying her as..........

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Transgender can now receive full benefits IF you work for this employer .....

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800-Pound Man Says He Was Booted From Hospital For Ordering.......

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Study Suggests Hair Drug Tests Are Actually a Terrible Way to Detect Weed Consumption

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Undercover Cops Allegedly Sampled the Goods During Prostitution Arrests......

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Beiber Fever!!! 83-year old changes name to FAMOUS Pop Singer.....

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Ohio Woman Seeks Football Team After Becoming Pregnant... Don’t Forget the Mascot!!

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Texas: 14-Year Old Virgin Falls Pregnant After Flu Shot

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Dads Frightful Response to Son Wanting to Dress as Princess for Halloween……..

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Student Placed in Isolation because of "Extreme Hairstyle"..... It's Pretty Extreme though.....

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(CHICAGO) Dj Beat To Death By Students For Playing The Wrong Song......

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Trending Gallery: 5 Types of Boots You Need This Fall on a Budget

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Teens died after being attracted to power in a mysterious way by school principal ...

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