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Zonnique Pullins Confirms The Dating Rumors & Makes Things Official With This Popular Rapper In New Photos

As I’ve said before, when you are a child of a beloved celebrity couple, trying to hide your personal life might be crucial.

It’s been speculated for some time now that T.I. and Tiny’s eldest daughter Zonnique Pullins has someone in her life. 

Following her relationship with high school classmate and NFL cornerback Damian Swann, it appears an up-and-coming rapper has captured the heart of the Growing Hip Hop: Atlanta star.

Bandhunta Izzy, who is famous for the hit song, “In Love Wit da Trap,” recently shared an adorable video of himself posted up in the club with Zonnique.

Pullins looked happy in the brief clip, proudly hugging on the West Baltimore emcee. 

#TSRBaeWatch: #Zonnique and #BandhuntaIzzy out here boo’d up in the club ❤️

It is not clear exactly how long the duo have been coupled up…and the world might never know because Zonnique keeps her private life locked down as much as she can (We can’t say the same about her best friend Reginae Carter and her man, YFN Lucci though).

Bandhunta Izzy, who often spits alongside his brother Bandhunta Jugg, is seen as a rising star in the hip-hop community, thanks in part to his Code Blue album.

He once talked to Vice about his passion for music.

“Me and my brother Jugg been rapping since we were young. A lot of older [dudes] around us rapped. So we did it ourselves and realized as we got older that we actually knew how to do it. We weren’t introduced to no rap. My father wasn’t with that. He was trying to lead us down the right way, so he didn’t want us listening. So, once we did get introduced to it, it’s something we gravitated towards. Like being rebellious.”

“I’m starting to open up more about personal life and [expletive] been through because, like I said, I was strictly rapping about certain things. I’m starting to allow people to get to know me as a person. Going to different places opened my mind up. I can say more. A lot of people can’t say they been to Miami or LA or New York, Atlanta. So I’m rapping about the [expletive] that went on when I was in these places. It’s more to rap about. More life experience.”

Well now it’s official, as Zonnique attended a public event with Bandhunta Izzy, looking very happy and in love as she was boo’d up with him at the gathering in honor of her (step) dad T.I. 

Reportedly, Tiny Harris was present and by the looks of things, approves of the new romance. 

The new lovebirds posed for several pictures as Bandhunta’s tattoos raised some eyebrows with some of her followers on social media. 

This commenter shared: “He has a gun tatted on his forehead, listen, if u stay ready with the piece on your mind, u will have peace of mind! Lol fur a moment I thought his body was covered with all those tattoos just to see it’s a colorful sweater. You have the most positive and beautiful energy like Monica, hope you are happy.”

This follower said: “Pull up your clothes you are a black man. Not a slave your pants should be up You are with a very sweet young lady, and the tattoos on the face have to go. You can’t get a job like that to think bro man!! about life and that young lady.YES!!! I think you sure kept the football Player too !!! He can carry his self better than him Will good luck Zonnique with that one.”

Another person said: “He’s so handsome I’m happy he’s not with a lil bird that’s just there to use him. I’m here for this. She was boo’d up he was n’t. He only posed for the first picture the other ones he wasn’t ready he ain’t gaf. But Izzy fine so I see why she all on him. Little T.I. and little Tiny.”

What do you think of Badhunta Izzy and Zonnique together?

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