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Here's What ‘Insecure’ Star Yvonne Orji Did To Land Her Chiseled Christian Cutie — Photos

Won't he do It?

Yvonne Orji is spilling all the details about her blooming relationship with her new beau and we are thrilled beyond belief. 

Yup. The Insecure actress is loved up with ex-Cleveland Browns star Emmanuel Acho and the proof is in the pictures. Oh and she is saying that this new romance is all thanks to Jesus Christ.

No, seriously. She credited it all to the power of prayer, explaining exactly how she went about it.

In the caption for one of the glorious snaps she posted of her and her man, she shared the message she recited while searching for the right partner…and it's safe to say she didn't shy away from the specifics.

“Dear God, May he have abs like David. Skin like Sampson,” she wrote, alluding to the different men of the Bible. “A smile like Joseph. Fingernails like Solomon. Eyebrows like John The Baptist & A heart (and finances) like yours. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Ahaha. Aw.
Whips out 💻📝to take ALL the notes. #YvonneOrji & #EmmanualAcho in their Mexican baecay.

Oh and her hashtags and emoji choices were equally brilliant; #YallAskedForTheSpecificPrayer #ThatWasntItButItWasClose #HeGotMeAboutToStayInTheGym #ButTheWayILoveCarbsTho 😩😩#HisAbsAreDisrespectful🙄🤬”.

#TSRBaeWatch: #YvonneOrji and her bae #EmmanuelAcho are all smiles in the summer sun ❤️

34-year-old Yvonne and 27-year-old Emmanuel have been pretty much joined at the hip over the past few weeks and they've been showing their followers just how enamored they are with one another with their adorable social media posts.

“[They] laugh at the days ahead” Proverbs 31:25

"Jesus out here answering prayers on a Sunday," she previously wrote on a snap of the two of them as  she took their pairing public. He was fawning all over her too, already having penned; "“[They] laugh at the days ahead' Proverbs 31:25".

One of the first to comment under Yvonne’s post was her Insecure creator/co-star and real-life best friend Issa Rae. She chimed in with, "Social media official though?!?!"

Hahaha.  But seriously, awww. How sweet.

Wonder if these two are taking it slow; she reportedly once shared that she was still holding onto her V-card.

Want more exciting news? (Well, you might have already heard it, but still.) Insecure is returning on August 12th.

Issa spread the word on Twitter on May 17th in a very creative and cute way.

She instructed her coworkers to answer the question their character is asked the most. Yvonne jokingly wondered why Molly’s life is such a mess, Amanda pondered paternity possibilities for her character’s baby and Natasha wondered if she is like Kelly.

Issa soon dived in, explaining that she is constantly pressed about when the hit is coming back to television screens. And to that, they all replied, “August 12!” So set your calendars.

And let’s all hope for more pictures of our new favorite couple, right?

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