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Pregnant Woman Calls Out "Love & Hip Hop" Star Stevie J. On Social Media And Threatens Take Him To Court Over Unborn Seed

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Stevie J has been making headlines this week for all the wrong reasons. 

The reality will reportedly be serving time in federal prison for unpaid child support and now a woman is claiming he knocked her up!

A woman that goes by the username "MizJelly" on Instagram has put Stevie on blast for getting her pregnant and now attempting to ignore her.

MizJelly posted a comment under the trailer for Stevie’s upcoming VH1 reality show, telling the world she is pregnant with Stevie's child. 

The woman wrote, "They round here advertising this [expletive], they need to advertise the face that Stevie J has a baby otw and is running from his responsibility!!!!!!"

Another person chimed in to claim he actually has two babies on the way, with MizJelly replying, "Yep! He can ignore all he want!!!! He gone take of my baby."

The allegedly pregnant woman, who recently made her IG page private, has claimed she is four weeks pregnant with Stevie's child.

The woman posted videos to Instagram, where she bashed the music producer.

In one video, she stated, "Let's be clear [expletive]. You can block me all you [expletive] want, but guess what [expletive]. I can still find your [expletive]. I know where the [expletive] you stay at [expletive]. I know how to [expletive] get in touch with you.

In another video, she is shown saying, "You are an old [expletive] fraud. All you do is pimp [expletive], take [expletive] money."

She goes on to add, "You ain't nothin but a broke [expletive]. That's why you backed up on child support now.  You ain't got no [expletive] money but I will see your [expletive] in court.
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Stevie better hope and pray the woman is just crazy or lying about being pregnant. The reality star is already in hot water over unpaid child support.

Several media outlets reported earlier this week that Stevie is facing prison time after violating the terms of the plea deal in his child support case.

The US Attorney Southern District of NY said in a statement that Stevie J will have to turn himself in to authorities on April 10 after failing to pay $1.3 million worth of child support. 

Stevie's case is a federal matter, although most child support cases are handled by the state they reside in. In Stevie's case, he owes over $1.3 million and the baby mamas of his children live in different states. 

The "LHHATL" star originally pled guilty to not paying his child support payments last February. However, the judge obviously disagreed and ordered the music producer to come up with at least half of the $1,304,835.86 he owes in back child support.

The reality star appeared in Manhattan Federal Court on Monday, where he was arraigned on charges of violating the plea deal. Stevie pled not guilty once again. 

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The judge reportedly told Stevie J to prepare himself to possibly serve prison time when he surrenders to the authorities next month.

Stevie is already the father of six children with four different baby mamas.

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