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Woman Sentenced For Running Over Her Sugar Daddy After He Got Tired Of Her Using Him

A woman has been convicted of running her "sugar daddy" down with her vehicle after he grew tired of her using him. 

Junmakia Racquel Henley, 47, was convicted on charges of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, aggravated battery, and felony hit and run. 

Police say Henley met the victim, who was described as a dapper retired engineer in his 60s, in the electronics section of the Chastain Meadows Walmart in February 2016.

The unidentified man asked her to lunch, which led to him buying her gifts and taking her out to dinner over the next several days. However, the man began realizing he was being taken advantage of and asked Henley to leave.

Junmakia obviously didn't take the break-up well.

On March 5, 2016, the unidentified man was escorting Henley to her vehicle that was parked in his driveway. Henley got in her car and accelerated towards him and he ended up landing on the hood of her Toyota Camry.

Henley then put her car in reverse and the man fell to the ground. She then proceeded to accelerate again and ran him over before fleeing the scene. 

The man, who had his legs crushed in the incident, screamed for help in his driveway. Thankfully, he was able to call for help on his cellphone. 

Cobb Police caught up to Henley the following day, and she denied being at the home at the time of the incident. 

Police revealed Henley did not appear concerned at all over the fact her former sugar daddy was left with two broken legs. In a police interview, she referred to him as “what’s his name.”

Junmakia reportedly told the unidentified victim and another man that she worked in insurance, dealing with "catastrophic events." However, investigators were not able to determine how she earned a living. 

In court, the prosecutor referred to the victim as Henley's "catastrophic event."

Henley's defense team tried to present an alibi showing that she not in the area during the time of the incident and was texting someone else at the time.

In response, prosecutors asked jurors "if not her, then who?"

It took jurors just half an hour to convict Henley, who was sentenced by Cobb Superior Court Judge Gregory Poole.

Henley received a 25 year sentence, with 15 years to serve in prison and the remaining ten years to be served on probation.

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