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Report: Mother Sentenced After Strangling Daughter For Incorrectly Reciting Bible Verse

A Pennsylvania mother was sentenced to 2 ½ to 5 years in state prison for beating, strangling and kicking her young daughter. Oh and this was in response to the child incorrectly reciting Bible verses.


41-year-old Rhonda Shoffner was sentenced after pleading guilty to aggravated assault, strangulation, endangering the welfare of a child and terroristic threats. 

After she is released from prison, she will serve an additional five years on probation, Fox 43 reports. Good. She sounds like she has a LOT of issues to sort through.

Rhonda was arrested in March, after her daughter, who is under the age of 13, told police officers that her mom attacked her when she woke up from a nap. 

According to the girl, whose identity remains protected, her mother had been drunk for three days straight. Yikes.

On the day of the attack, the victim said Rhonda asked her to call multiple family members. When they didn’t answer, the girl was instructed to get on her knees in the bathroom, Penn Live stated.

The girl begged for her mother not to beat her and said she didn’t want to get on her knees. Rhonda nonetheless forced the girl to kneel on the ground, before beginning to recite Bible verses. Rhonda demanded the victim to recite the verses word-for-word; however, when the girl messed up, she would be beaten.


Each time the girl incorrectly recited a verse, Rhonda slammed her head into the wall, police said. She also told the girl to lie on her back and she started to strangle her. Oh and she seems to have reportedly threatened to kill her.

Poor kid. 

The girl tried to fight Rhonda off, but the mother bit into the girl’s arm, leaving a mark. Eventually, Rhonda told the victim, “Just leave and never come back.”

The child then ran away from the home and called her father. He took her to the authorities. 

Well, that was a depressing story. But, looking on the bright side, at least the girl is now (hopefully!) out of harm’s way. Fingers crossed that she is able to heal from this horrific and traumatizing experience. 

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