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‘The Real’ Co-Host Loni Love Shows Off Her New Mystery Man On Instagram – Photos

Loni Love may have found, uh, love!

But she is keeping the details to herself for now. Nooooo. We must know!

While co-hosting The Real, the other ladies took her to task over recent Instagram posts she has made. 

One of them shows the veteran comedian holding hands with a mystery man.

Not only that, but Loni shared a couple up shot of herself laying on the chest of a man wearing a Harley Davidson shirt. His light skin tone and choice of wardrobe attire has the internet convinced that Lonie’s in love with the swirl, as she’s dating a yet unidentified vanilla king. 
After comedy show hook up....

She remained silent during the segment other than the laughs she made over theories floated out by Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley.

These my three Heffas right here...

Piecing together clues! Yay.

 “We have come to the conclusion that you’re definitely dating someone,” said Adrienne. “We are each going to present a piece of evidence that you posted.” “I sent Loni a DM asking whose hand is that and why you wanna hold it? And you just replied lol lol lol lol.”

“I present to you the jury exhibit B of Loni riding a motorcycle in Malibu, however, Loni doesn’t own a motorcycle.”

Care to make a guess as to her (maybe) new beau might be? We are honestly stumped!


Still in shock.... #thereals4 #outstandingtalkshowhost

So far Loni’s keeping mum on her love life and said she’ll consider speaking on it next season.

I know what I bring to the table, so trust me when I say I’m not afraid to eat alone... #thereals4

Months ago, Loni made some waves with her comments about dating Black men.

"Let's tell the truth about why... I'm saying in the African-American community, why there is a shortage pool of available men," she had claimed. "Why? Because of over-incarceration."

She then added that the "root of the problem" lies in Black men who were jailed, after not being able to get a job.

"If those men are getting overly arrested, they can't get a job then that pool is short, limited," she continued. "So, we have to fix the root [of the] problem. The root [of the] problem is, 'Why aren't there enough available men so that women can't get married?'"
“People want to be happy like Ciara. When she made this comment they were like, “You lucked up because you’re a celebrity, he was able to find you and you were able to find him but I’m sitting over here in the projects or I’m working every day and I can’t find dudes. Why? Because my dude is somewhere locked up! We need to start working on the facts, why are these brothers getting locked up so much? We need to work on this. Because if I have friends who are locked up over a $5 bag of weed, but now you got dispensaries where they can buy a $5 bag of weed, what is going on here?”

Who do YOU think Auntie Loni’s secret swirly bae  is?

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