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The Internet Is At War Over The Video Webbie Posted After Catching Teen Sons & Friend In Bed With One Girl

I’m sure many would agree that Parenting is a difficult job and it gets even harder as kids enter their teenage years.

The internet is at war over how Trill Entertainment rapper Webbie handled finding his two sons and their friends in bed with a girl. 

The incident went viral over the weekend as fans shared video clips of the Baton Rouge rapper putting all the kids on blast.

Webbie sat them all down at the Kitchen counter to record him condemning the group.

“Come upstairs, I catch them three … all three of them in the bed with a little girl,” Webbie says in the video of his three sons and a male friend with a female companion. “That’s crazy. I’m asking, ‘What’s y’all parent’s number?’ … He done pulled a hood over his head. Man, that hood ain’t gone do nothing, man.”

He adds” "Y'all f [expletive] up … I thought I could trust you"

Unfortunately, this wasn’t his first time coming home to his sons’ juvenile behavior either, he explained, considering that just days prior, he walked into them throwing a party upstairs.

“They had three white girls in this motherf[expletive]!” he said. “Y’all remember?”

It’s the last straw for Webbie, he ensured one of his sons whose “life finna change” after this one.

At one point, his kids' friend tries to make his way out. "Don't get to running. Don't run out this mother[expletive]!" He yelled.

Webbie continued to press the girl and his kids' friend to give him their parents' phone numbers.

“Let’s Get some parents on the phone though,” the Louisiana emcee added.

Towards the end of the video, Webbie puts the girl on blast for being in bed with the three boys. 

"And one little girl in the bed. Girl, that's crazier than a mother[expletive]”. You better stop." He said.

The internet has been at war about how this was handled. 

Some thought the Baton Rouge emcee was in the running for Dad of the Year:

Some people took issue with how Webbie decided to broadcast this situation online.

“Everything aint to be recorded yall sheesh.”

“Everything is not for social media, he’s opening hisself up to all sorts of problems…”

Others people thought the incident was hilarious. 

TMZ reached out to the rapper and he ended up calling into their show to provide some updates on the punishment he had planned and what exactly the kids were doing.

When discussing what he has planned for their punishment, it was revealed that half of the deal is already done. "I ripped the doors off the room. They don't have doors no more." That's not all either as he said later that they're still working out the proper measures to make sure his kids don't get into this type of trouble ever again.

Do you agree with the actions that Webbie is taking as a parent?

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