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Tamar Braxton Reveals She's In Love with New Boyfriend & The Internet Has Already Figured Out With Whom

If you were hoping Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert would find themselves back together, it looks like it’s finally time to let that dream go. 

While the topics of “Babies” and “marriage” are once again on Tamar Braxton’s mind, it’s all because of her new man. 

The singer/reality star shared details about her Nigerian bae this week on The Wendy Williams Show

Making official that she is totally done with her estranged husband, Tamar confessed that she’s very much in love with her man after three months of dating.

Wendy Williams, got to meet Tamar’s new boo, and described him as “African, he’s in wealth finance, he’s got dreads … he’s got a really nice body.”

When Tamar was asked how she met her new boyfriend, she dished: “I met him at a friend’s birthday party, thank you God, he’s so fine! I can’t take it sometimes. It’s like a whole snack — a Lunchable! He lives in L.A., he’s originally from Nigeria, but he lived here for a while.”

Tamar was asked if she was in love with her Harvard-educated man, she responded, “yes, very much so.” 

Could there be wedding bells in the future? 

“Depends on if I’m asked or not,” she replied before revealing that she would be willing to have more children with her new man.

“Absolutely would love to have some wonderful, beautiful, African children for the Lord — yes!”

This fan shared: “She better get her a SAVED chocolate Nigerian from Harvard okuurt. It’s been more than three months sis…but ima hold your secret. I’m sad she didn’t work things out with Vince.”

Another person claimed: “From Ruben Studdard to Tyrese. I’m not mad. Either Wendy doesn’t believe that she’s in love with her new man or she was getting “overheated again.”

This third commenter added: “Aunt Tamar is gorgeous asf, even bald. Nigerian men know just how to love their women and treat them right! There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Hallelujah. Jesus!!”

Tamar also dished that her and her Nigerian boyfriend were just on vacation in Jamaica. 

Cheeky #NewMan: #TamarBraxton nearly catches the #HolyGhost gushing over her new #Bae —a #Harvard man—with #WendyWilliams 👅👅👅👅👅👅 . #Tay says she’s #InLove after only #Dating him for #3 months 👀👀 . . #Celebrity #Shade #Blog #HipHop . #Video #PressPlay #Tamar #TamarBraxton #Braxtons #BFV #BraxtonFamilyValues #Wendy #WendyShow #WendyWilliams #WendyWilliamsShow #Iyanla #Boyfriend #BoyfriendAndGirlfriend #Love #SweetCheeks #RelationshipGoals.

If they’ve been dating three months, then that confirms a previous report about Tamar having a new beau in her life. 

Back in July, Tamar was seen cuddling up to a man with dreads. They were both in relaxed clothing and the body language said everything as there was very little space between the two.

One of our roommates says she spotted #TamarBraxton outside of a restaurant yesterday! 👀👀 Okay #Tamar ! 📷: @gett2knowme

Tamar and Vincent reportedly decided to call it quits on their nearly nine-year marriage in October 2017.

They share a 5-year-old son named Logan.
Are you disappointed that it’s a officially a wrap for Tamar & Vince? =

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