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Waka Flocka Exposed For Cheating On Tammy Rivera Once Again After A Woman Shares Receipts Online

Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera have dealt with tons of drama over their course of their bumpy relationship. And on-camera at times too!

A new report is alleging that Waka has been caught cheating on Tammy again. A woman, who works as a dancer, has come forward claiming that she met and slept with Waka last month…a few days after his wife’s birthday.

The alleged-mistress is stepping up to the spotlight, as she gave an interview online. According to her, she met Waka at The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno Nevada, where they hit it off. They exchanged info and planned to rendezvous later that night. 

Oh and she says she has evidence. She released the fan snap that she took outside a club that Waka made an appearance at. And then another picture that was supposedly taken from outside of Waka's alleged hotel room—on a level of the building that reserved for a higher-paying customers, which is also only accessible by a card.

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When she showed up to this spot (which Waka seems to have rented specifically to sleep with her in), the two chatted a bit before Waka attempted to bed her.

She says she knew he was married, but pointed out that he didn't mention Tammy and his social media didn’t highlight her. So, she carried on.

After they finished, she insists that he wanted her to "clean" the room. Why? Waka wanted to make sure that when she checked out, there was no evidence that they had done the deed. While the stripper agreed, she then recorded herself looking for condom wrappers and posted it online. Plus, she claims Waka flushed the condoms down the toilet?

That isn’t all though. She enlisted the help of her friend to put pressure on Waka so that he’d pay for her to have her car fixed. 

The pal may have threatened to expose Waka to his wife, when he initially refused the extortion plot. Eventually he agreed to just fork over the money for the vehicle fix.

Well, that is just all sorts of messy if it’s true. What do you think?

Not that long ago, Waka was accused by a college student in Fayetteville, Arkansas of hooking up with her while on a tour stop at her college.

Tammy and Wake also powered through a super up-and-down patch in 2016, after another bout of Waka's infidelity came to light.

Tammy explained why she took him back at that time, dishing, "One thing I can say that's hard about repairing a marriage when it's been broken is the trust part. Being able to trust them because once you've faced infidelity, it's hard. Having a positive mindset really helped me because if you think nothing but positive thoughts then that's what's going to happen. But he changed completely."

Okay, go ahead and spill your opinions. We’re listening. 

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